Media Source Events

This topic lists the events that are sent by media sources and media streams. Media sources can also send custom events not listed here.

Media Source Events

MEEndOfPresentation Event The presentation ended. All streams in the presentation have reached the end of the stream.
MENewStream Event A new stream was created. The event contains a pointer to the stream.
MESourceCharacteristicsChanged Event The characteristics of the source have changed. (Optional.)
MESourceMetadataChanged Event The source's metadata has changed. (Optional.)
MESourcePaused Event The source was paused. Not all sources support pausing.
MESourceRateChanged Event The source's playback rate has changed. (Optional; applies if the source supports rate control.)
MESourceRateChangeRequested Event The source is requesting a new playback rate. (Optional.)
MESourceSeeked Event The source was seeked. Not all sources support seeking.
MESourceStarted Event The source was started.
MESourceStopped Event The source was stopped.
MEUpdatedStream Event An existing stream was seeked or re-started. The event contains a pointer to the stream.


Media Stream Events

MEEndOfStream Event The stream ended.
MEError Event An error has occurred during streaming. Use this event for errors that are not related to any of the other events listed here.
MEMediaSample Event The stream has generated a new sample.
MEStreamFormatChanged Event The media type has changed. (Optional.)
MEStreamPaused Event The stream was paused.
MEStreamSeeked Event The stream was seeked.
MEStreamStarted Event The stream was started.
MEStreamStopped Event The stream was stopped.
MEStreamThinMode Event Thinning mode has started or stopped. (Optional.)
MEStreamTick Event There is a gap in the stream. (Optional.)


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