Extending the Fax Service MMC Snap-in

The fax service administration console application is a Microsoft Management Console snap-in component that the system administrator can use to manage the fax service. The snap-in can operate as a stand-alone snap-in or as an extension to the Computer Management snap-in application.

Third-party vendors can extend the functionality of the fax service administration snap-in by writing Microsoft Management Console (MMC) extensions to specific node types in the snap-in namespace. Information about the node types is provided in the topic MMC Snap-in Node Types.

For example, an fax service provider (FSP) that provides support for fax-over-Internet Protocol (FoIP) transmissions could write an MMC property sheet extension to extend the default Device Properties dialog box. The property sheet extension could include property pages to use when an administrator configures the properties of the FSPs FoIP devices. The administration console snap-in for the fax service provides information that lets the third-party extension know when to display the property pages and how to access the fax server.

For information about registering your snap-in, see Registering and Unregistering a Snap-in.



Build date: 5/5/2012

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