Managing Global Fax Routing Data

This functionality is currently available only in the Microsoft Win32 environment. It is not available in the Component Object Model (COM) implementation environment.

A fax client application can call the FaxEnumGlobalRoutingInfo function to query global routing method data. The function returns the data in a FAX_GLOBAL_ROUTING_INFO structure. The information includes the priority level of the fax routing method, and the name of the DLL that exports the routing method. It also includes the GUID and function name that identify the fax routing method, and the method's user-friendly name.

Because the FaxEnumGlobalRoutingInfo function allocates the memory required for the FAX_GLOBAL_ROUTING_INFO structure, the application must call the FaxFreeBuffer function to deallocate these resources.

Call the FaxSetGlobalRoutingInfo function to modify global routing method data. (Currently the priority of the routing method is the only global value that an application can modify.)

Note that an application must first call the FaxConnectFaxServer function to obtain a fax server handle before calling the FaxEnumGlobalRoutingInfo function and the FaxSetGlobalRoutingInfo function.

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Build date: 5/5/2012