Using the Fax Client COM Implementation with Visual Basic

The Fax Service Client API Component Object Model (COM) interface documentation for Microsoft Visual Basic programmers is organized around the fax client object model. The documentation for each object includes the following items:

  • A detailed description of the object's functionality
  • A list of properties and methods for the object
  • A Visual Basic example to access the properties and call the methods of the object

Note that the corresponding C/C++ interface method topics contain information that is of interest to Visual Basic programmers. For example, these equivalent topics provide cross-references to related topics and remarks of interest, and they may also contain detailed parameter descriptions.

The C/C++ interface method names begin with IFax. Hyperlinks to these topics are provided in the tables describing the Visual Basic properties and methods. For example, when you click the Visual Basic  Send method of the FaxDoc object, it displays the IFaxDoc::Send method C/C++ reference topic. You can return to the Visual Basic  FaxDoc object reference topic from the C/C++ topic by clicking the Visual Basic reference hyperlink located above the C/C++ syntax block.

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