Cover Pages

Cover Pages

A cover page is a cover page template file (.cov) and user-defined information that is rendered onto the template at transmission time.

The Fax Service Client API supports the printing of cover pages. The cover page can be a personal cover page stored in a file on the local computer, or it can be a common cover page stored on the fax server. If a cover page is required, the user must either supply the fully qualified path to a cover page file, or the relative path to a common cover page file.

Administrators typically store common cover page files in the following location.


On a single computer system, common cover page files are stored in the following folder.

%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\Common Coverpages

Users can add personal cover page files using the fax control panel application. The files must be stored in the user's My Documents standard folder in the following location.

CSIDL_PERSONAL\Fax\Personal Coverpages

Additionally, in the Microsoft Win32 environment, if the user specifies a common cover page file, you must set the UseServerCoverPage member of the FAX_COVERPAGE_INFO structure to TRUE. In the Component Object Model (COM) implementation environment, you must set the FaxDoc.ServerCoverpage Property equal to TRUE.

A fax client application can call the FaxPrintCoverPage function to print a cover page to a fax printer device context. For more information, see Printing a Fax to a Device Context and Sending a Cover Page. For more information about folders in the user profile, see SHGetSpecialFolderLocation.



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