Implementing DLLs to Extend IAS

This section describes how to implement DLLs to extend the Internet Authentication Service (IAS). It describes the interaction between IAS and the DLLs, and presents some design considerations regarding the DLLs.

IAS provides two "plug-in" points, one for authentication and the other for authorization. Authentication refers to verifying the identity of the user. Authorization refers to determining what services the network should provide to the user. The two plug-in points correspond to Extension DLLs and Authorization DLLs. (Authorization DLLs are supported only on Windows 2000 and later systems.) Each plug-in point can support multiple DLLs.

IAS provides both authentication and authorization services. Extension DLLs are called by IAS prior to the built-in IAS authentication and authorization. Authorization DLLs are called after IAS authentication and authorization.

IAS authentication and authorization process

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