Visual Basic Private Interfaces

Two interfaces that are implemented by Visual Basic are identified here for component categories. It is not expected that controls should require these categories because it is possible for controls to offer alternative functionality when these are not available.

The IVBFormat interface allows controls to better integrate into the Visual Basic environment when formatting data.

CATID - {02496840-3AC4-11cf-87B9-00AA006C8166} CATID_VBFormat

The IVBGetControl interface allows a control to enumerate other controls on the VB form.

CATID - {02496841-3AC4-11cf-87B9-00AA006C8166} CATID_VBGetControl

Two additional private interfaces, IGetVBAObject and IGetOleObject, are described here even though they do not define component categories. Use of these four interfaces is not recommended because they are not supported by containers other than Visual Basic.

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