Property Attributes

All item objects have properties. The properties have attributes. For instance, property attributes indicate whether a property is read from, written to, or deleted. They also indicate the valid property values. The following constants are valid property attributes:

Property AttributeMeaning
WIA_PROP_CACHEABLEThe device can cache the property's value.
WIA_PROP_FLAGThe property has a list of legal flag values. Flag values are combined using a bitwise OR operation.
WIA_PROP_LISTThe property has a list of legal values.
WIA_PROP_NONEThe property does not have any valid values associated with it.
WIA_PROP_RANGEThe property has a range of valid values.
WIA_PROP_READThe application can read the property's value.
WIA_PROP_RWThe application can read and write the property's value.
WIA_PROP_WRITEThe application can write the property's value.