IWiaSegmentationFilter::DetectRegions method

Determines the sub-regions of an image laid out on the flatbed platen so that each of sub-region can be acquired into a separate image item.


HRESULT DetectRegions(
  [in] LONG      lFlags,
  [in] IStream   *pInputStream,
  [in] IWiaItem2 *pWiaItem2


lFlags [in]

Type: LONG

Currently unused. Should be set to zero.

pInputStream [in]

Type: IStream*

Specifies a pointer to the IStream preview image.

pWiaItem2 [in]

Type: IWiaItem2*

Specifies a pointer to the IWiaItem2 item for which pInputStream was acquired. The segmentation filter creates child items for this item.

Return value


If this method succeeds, it returns S_OK. Otherwise, it returns an HRESULT error code.


This method determines the sub-regions of the image represented by pInputStream. For each sub-region that it detects, it creates a child item for the IWiaItem2 item specified in the pWiaItem2 parameter. For each child item, the segmentation filter must set values for the bounding rectangle of the area to scan, using the following Scanner WIA Item Property Constants.

A more advanced filter may also require other Scanner WIA Item Property Constants such as WIA_IPS_DESKEW_X and WIA_IPS_DESKEW_Y, if the driver supports de-skewing.

If the application calls IWiaSegmentationFilter::DetectRegions more than once, the application must first delete the child items created by the last call to IWiaSegmentationFilter::DetectRegions.

If an application changes any properties into pWiaItem2, between acquiring the image into pInputStream and its call to IWiaSegmentationFilter::DetectRegions, the original properties (that is, the properties the item had when the stream was acquired) must be restored. This can be done by GetPropertyStream and SetPropertyStream.

The application must reset the IStream if its call passes the same stream into the segmentation filter more than once. The application must also reset the stream after the initial download and before calling IWiaSegmentationFilter::DetectRegions.


The segmentation performs region detection on the stream (pImageStream) passed into DetectSubregions. See the GetExtension for CreateSegmentationFilter method used in this example.

   IN IStream   *pImageStream,
   IN IWiaItem2 *pWiaItem2)
   HRESULT                 hr                  = S_OK;
   IWiaSegmentationFilter* pSegmentationFilter = NULL;

   if (!pWiaItem2 || !pImageStream)
      hr = E_INVALIDARG;

   if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
      hr = CreateSegmentationFilter(pWiaItem2, &pSegmentationFilter);

   if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
      hr = pSegmentationFilter->DetectRegions(0,pImageStream, pWiaItem2); 

   if (pSegmentationFilter)
      pSegmentationFilter = NULL;

   return hr;

DownloadPreviewImage downloads image data from the scanner by calling the preview component's GetNewPreview method. It then calls DetectSubregions if the application user wants to invoke the segmentation filter, which creates a child item under pWiaItem2 for each region it detects. See IWiaSegmentationFilter::DetectRegions for the DetectSubregions method used in this example.

In this example, the application user sets m_bUseSegmentationFilter by clicking a check box. If the application supports this, it should first check that the driver has a segmentation filter by calling CheckExtension. See GetNewPreview for the CheckImgFilter method example that shows how this can be done.

   IN IWiaItem2 *pWiaFlatbedItem2)
   HRESULT hr              = S_OK;
   BOOL    bHasImgFilter   = FALSE;

   IWiaTransferCallback *pAppWiaTransferCallback = NULL;

   hr = CheckImgFilter(pWiaFlatbedItem2, &bHasImgFilter)

   if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
      if (bHasImgFilter)
         IWiaPreview *pWiaPreview = NULL;

         // In this example, the AppWiaTransferCallback class implements 
         // the IWiaTransferCallback interface.  
         // The constructor of AppWiaTransferCallback sets the reference count 
         // to 1.
         pAppWiaTransferCallback = new AppWiaTransferCallback();

         hr = pAppWiaTransferCallback ? S_OK : E_OUTOFMEMORY;

         if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
            // Acquire image from scanner
            hr = m_pWiaPreview->GetNewPreview(pWiaFlatbedItem2,

         // Check the application UI for whether the user wants
         // to use the segmentation filter indicated by the value 
         // of m_bUseSegmentationFilter.
         // m_FlatbedPreviewStream is the stream that
         // AppWiaTransferCallback::GetNextStream returned for the
         // flatbed item.
         // This stream is where the image data is stored after
         // the successful return of GetNewPreview.
         // The stream is passed into the segmentation filter
         // for region detection.
         if (SUCCEEDED(hr) && m_bUseSegmentationFilter)
            DetectSubregions(m_FlatbedPreviewStream, pWiaFlatbedItem2);

         if (pAppWiaTransferCallback)
            // If the call to GetNewPreview was successful, the
            // preview component calls AddRef on the callback so
            // this call doesn't delete the object.


         // Do not create an instance of preview component if the driver 
         // does not come with an image-processing filter.
         // You can use a segmentation filter, however, if the driver
         // comes with one (omitted here).

   return hr;


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]