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PathData class

Applies to: desktop apps only

The PathData class is a helper class for the GraphicsPath and GraphicsPathIterator classes. A GraphicsPath object has an array of points and an array of types. Each element in the array of types is a byte that specifies the point type and a set of flags for the corresponding element in the array of points. You can use a PathData object to get or set the data points (and their types) of a path.

PathData has these types of members:


The PathData class has these constructors.


Creates a PathData::PathData object. The Count data member is initialized to 0. The Points and Types data members are initialized to NULL.


Data Members

The following table lists the members exposed by the PathData object.

Data MembersTypeDescription
CountINTNumber of PointF objects in the Points array. This is the same as the number of bytes in the Types array.
PointsPointF *Pointer to an array of path data points.
TypesBYTE *Pointer to an array of bytes. Each byte holds the point type and a set of flags for the corresponding point in the Points array. Possible point types and flags are listed in the PathPointType enumeration.


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