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Effect class

Applies to: desktop apps only

The Effect class serves as a base class for eleven classes that you can use to apply effects and adjustments to bitmaps. The following classes descend from Effect.

To apply and effect to a bitmap, create an instance of one of the descendants of the Effect class, and pass the address of that descendant to the Graphics::DrawImage method or to the Bitmap::ApplyEffect method.

Effect has these types of members:


The Effect class has these constructors.


Creates an Effect object.



The Effect class has these methods.


The Effect::GetAuxData gets a pointer to a set of lookup tables created by a previous call to the Bitmap::ApplyEffect method.


The Effect::GetAuxDataSize method gets the size, in bytes, of the auxiliary data created by a previous call to the Bitmap::ApplyEffect method.


The Effect::GetParameterSize method gets the total size, in bytes, of the parameters currently set for this Effect. The Effect::GetParameterSize method is usually called on an object that is an instance of a descendant of the Effect class.


The Effect::UseAuxData method sets or clears a flag that specifies whether the Bitmap::ApplyEffect method should return a pointer to the auxiliary data that it creates.




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