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Image Encoder Constants

The Image::Save Methods and Image::SaveAdd Methods methods of the Image class receive an EncoderParameters object that contains an array of EncoderParameter objects. Each EncoderParameter object has a GUID data member that specifies the parameter category. The following constants, defined in Gdiplusimaging.h, represent GUIDs that specify the various parameter categories.

  • EncoderChrominanceTable
  • EncoderColorDepth
  • EncoderColorSpace
  • EncoderCompression
  • EncoderLuminanceTable
  • EncoderQuality
  • EncoderRenderMethod
  • EncoderSaveFlag
  • EncoderScanMethod
  • EncoderTransformation
  • EncoderVersion
  • EncoderImageItems
  • EncoderSaveAsCMYK



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