IUpdateServer.ExportPackageMetadata Method (UpdateRevisionId, String)


Applies To: Windows Server Update Services

Exports the file for a locally-published update. This makes it possible to retrieve the package metadata for a detectoid update.

Namespace:   Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration
Assembly:  Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration (in Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.dll)

void ExportPackageMetadata(
	UpdateRevisionId id,
	string fileName


Type: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.UpdateRevisionId

An UpdateRevisionId object that identifies the update from which to export the SDP.

Type: System.String

The full path and filename of the update file.

Exception Condition

The update to be exported is not a locally-published update and has no saved SDP information, or the specific revision is missing from the WSUS database.


id or fileName is null.


id is not valid.


The revision number is 0 and the update doesn't exist in the database, so that the latest revision of the update cannot be retrieved.

[This method can be found only in the API delivered with WSUS 3.0 SP1.] This method can throw many other exception types when trying to write to the specified location. See the documentation for the StreamWriter class and its constructor.

This operation requires WSUS Administrator privileges.

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