Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure Namespace

Class Description
CimClass Represents a CIM class.
CimConverter Contains members to convert .NET types to CIM types and CIM types to .NET types.
CimException Represents an exception that has occurred during a CIM operation.
CimInstance Represents an instance of a CIM class.
CimMethodDeclaration Represents a method declaration of a CIM class.
CimMethodParameter Represents a parameter of a CIM method.
CimMethodParameterDeclaration Represents a parameter declaration.
CimMethodParametersCollection Represents a collection of parameters of a CIM method.
CimMethodResult Represents a method's return value and out parameter values.
CimMethodResultBase Represents a CIM method result base parameter.
CimMethodStreamedResult Represents a single item of a streamed out parameter array.
CimProperty Represents a CIM property.
CimPropertyDeclaration Represents a property declaration of a CIM class.
CimQualifier Represents a CIM qualifier.
CimSession Represents a client-side connection to a CIM server.
CimSubscriptionResult Represents a CIM subscription result.
CimSystemProperties Represents system properties such as namespace, server name and path.

Enumeration Description
CimFlags Specifies CIM flags that are used with the class declarations of instances. They represent CIM meta-types (qualifier scopes) as well as a set of well-known CIM qualifiers. These flags can be combined together, with the exception of a few groups of mutually exclusive flags.
CimSubscriptionDeliveryType Differentiates between a push or pull subscription delivery type. This is not supported when using the DCOM protocol.
CimType Specifies a CIM type, such as integer, string, or datetime.
NativeErrorCode Specifies error codes defined by the native MI client API.