Microsoft.Isam.Esent.Interop namespace


  Class Description
Public class Api Managed versions of the ESENT API. This class contains static methods that correspond to the unmanaged ESENT API. These methods throw exceptions when errors are returned. Helper methods for the ESENT API. These wrap JetMakeKey. Internal-only methods of the API. Helper methods for the ESENT API. These do data conversion for JetMakeKey. Helper methods for the ESENT API. These methods deal with database metadata. Helper methods for the ESENT API. These aren't interop versions of the API, but encapsulate very common uses of the functions. API members that are marked as obsolete. Helper methods for the ESENT API. These aren't interop versions of the API, but encapsulate very common uses of the functions. Helper methods for the ESENT API. These do data conversion for setting columns.
Public class BoolColumnValue A Boolean column value.
Public class ByteColumnValue A Byte column value.
Public class BytesColumnValue A byte array column value.
Public class ColumnInfo Information about one Esent column. This is not an interop class, but is used by the meta-data helper methods.
Public class ColumnStream This class provides a streaming interface to a long-value column (i.e. a column of type LongBinary or LongText).
Public class ColumnValue Base class for objects that represent a column value to be set.
Public class ColumnValueOfStruct<T> Set a column of a struct type (e.g. Int32/Guid).
Public class Conversions Provide methods to convert data and flags between Win32 and the .NET Framework.
Public class DateTimeColumnValue A Guid column value.
Public class DoubleColumnValue A Double column value.
Public class EsentAccessDeniedException Base class for JET_err.AccessDenied exceptions.
Public class EsentAfterInitializationException Base class for JET_err.AfterInitialization exceptions.
Public class EsentAlreadyInitializedException Base class for JET_err.AlreadyInitialized exceptions.
Public class EsentAlreadyPreparedException Base class for JET_err.AlreadyPrepared exceptions.
Public class EsentApiException Base class for API exceptions.
Public class EsentAttachedDatabaseMismatchException Base class for JET_err.AttachedDatabaseMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentBackupAbortByServerException Base class for JET_err.BackupAbortByServer exceptions.
Public class EsentBackupDirectoryNotEmptyException Base class for JET_err.BackupDirectoryNotEmpty exceptions.
Public class EsentBackupInProgressException Base class for JET_err.BackupInProgress exceptions.
Public class EsentBackupNotAllowedYetException Base class for JET_err.BackupNotAllowedYet exceptions.
Public class EsentBadBackupDatabaseSizeException Base class for JET_err.BadBackupDatabaseSize exceptions.
Public class EsentBadBookmarkException Base class for JET_err.BadBookmark exceptions.
Public class EsentBadCheckpointSignatureException Base class for JET_err.BadCheckpointSignature exceptions.
Public class EsentBadColumnIdException Base class for JET_err.BadColumnId exceptions.
Public class EsentBadDbSignatureException Base class for JET_err.BadDbSignature exceptions.
Public class EsentBadEmptyPageException Base class for JET_err.BadEmptyPage exceptions.
Public class EsentBadItagSequenceException Base class for JET_err.BadItagSequence exceptions.
Public class EsentBadLogSignatureException Base class for JET_err.BadLogSignature exceptions.
Public class EsentBadLogVersionException Base class for JET_err.BadLogVersion exceptions.
Public class EsentBadPageLinkException Base class for JET_err.BadPageLink exceptions.
Public class EsentBadParentPageLinkException Base class for JET_err.BadParentPageLink exceptions.
Public class EsentBadPatchPageException Base class for JET_err.BadPatchPage exceptions.
Public class EsentBadRestoreTargetInstanceException Base class for JET_err.BadRestoreTargetInstance exceptions.
Public class EsentBadSLVSignatureException
Public class EsentBufferTooSmallException Base class for JET_err.BufferTooSmall exceptions.
Public class EsentCallbackFailedException Base class for JET_err.CallbackFailed exceptions.
Public class EsentCallbackNotResolvedException Base class for JET_err.CallbackNotResolved exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotAddFixedVarColumnToDerivedTableException Base class for JET_err.CannotAddFixedVarColumnToDerivedTable exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotBeTaggedException Base class for JET_err.CannotBeTagged exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotDeleteSystemTableException Base class for JET_err.CannotDeleteSystemTable exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotDeleteTemplateTableException Base class for JET_err.CannotDeleteTemplateTable exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotDeleteTempTableException Base class for JET_err.CannotDeleteTempTable exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotDisableVersioningException Base class for JET_err.CannotDisableVersioning exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotIndexException Base class for JET_err.CannotIndex exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotLogDuringRecoveryRedoException Base class for JET_err.CannotLogDuringRecoveryRedo exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotMaterializeForwardOnlySortException Base class for JET_err.CannotMaterializeForwardOnlySort exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotNestDDLException Base class for JET_err.CannotNestDDL exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotNestDistributedTransactionsException Base class for JET_err.CannotNestDistributedTransactions exceptions.
Public class EsentCannotSeparateIntrinsicLVException Base class for JET_err.CannotSeparateIntrinsicLV exceptions.
Public class EsentCatalogCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.CatalogCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentCheckpointCorruptException Base class for JET_err.CheckpointCorrupt exceptions.
Public class EsentCheckpointDepthTooDeepException Base class for JET_err.CheckpointDepthTooDeep exceptions.
Public class EsentCheckpointFileNotFoundException Base class for JET_err.CheckpointFileNotFound exceptions.
Public class EsentClientRequestToStopJetServiceException Base class for JET_err.ClientRequestToStopJetService exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnCannotBeCompressedException Base class for JET_err.ColumnCannotBeCompressed exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnDoesNotFitException Base class for JET_err.ColumnDoesNotFit exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnDuplicateException Base class for JET_err.ColumnDuplicate exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnIndexedException Base class for JET_err.ColumnIndexed exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnInRelationshipException Base class for JET_err.ColumnInRelationship exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnInUseException Base class for JET_err.ColumnInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnLongException Base class for JET_err.ColumnLong exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnNoChunkException Base class for JET_err.ColumnNoChunk exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnNotFoundException Base class for JET_err.ColumnNotFound exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnNotUpdatableException Base class for JET_err.ColumnNotUpdatable exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnRedundantException Base class for JET_err.ColumnRedundant exceptions.
Public class EsentColumnTooBigException Base class for JET_err.ColumnTooBig exceptions.
Public class EsentCommittedLogFileCorruptException Base class for JET_err.CommittedLogFileCorrupt exceptions.
Public class EsentCommittedLogFilesMissingException Base class for JET_err.CommittedLogFilesMissing exceptions.
Public class EsentConsistentTimeMismatchException Base class for JET_err.ConsistentTimeMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentContainerNotEmptyException Base class for JET_err.ContainerNotEmpty exceptions.
Public class EsentCorruptionException Base class for Corruption exceptions.
Public class EsentCurrencyStackOutOfMemoryException Base class for JET_err.CurrencyStackOutOfMemory exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabase200FormatException Base class for JET_err.Database200Format exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabase400FormatException Base class for JET_err.Database400Format exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabase500FormatException Base class for JET_err.Database500Format exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseAlreadyRunningMaintenanceException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseAlreadyRunningMaintenance exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseAlreadyUpgradedException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseAlreadyUpgraded exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseBufferDependenciesCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseBufferDependenciesCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseCorruptedNoRepairException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseCorruptedNoRepair exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseDirtyShutdownException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseDirtyShutdown exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseDuplicateException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseDuplicate exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseFailedIncrementalReseedException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseFailedIncrementalReseed exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseFileReadOnlyException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseFileReadOnly exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseIdInUseException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseIdInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseIncompleteIncrementalReseedException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseIncompleteIncrementalReseed exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseIncompleteUpgradeException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseIncompleteUpgrade exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseInUseException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseInvalidIncrementalReseedException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseInvalidIncrementalReseed exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseInvalidNameException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseInvalidName exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseInvalidPagesException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseInvalidPages exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseInvalidPathException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseInvalidPath exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseLeakInSpaceException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseLeakInSpace exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseLockedException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseLocked exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseLogSetMismatchException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseLogSetMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseNotFoundException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseNotFound exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabasePatchFileMismatchException Base class for JET_err.DatabasePatchFileMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseSharingViolationException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseSharingViolation exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseSignInUseException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseSignInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabasesNotFromSameSnapshotException Base class for JET_err.DatabasesNotFromSameSnapshot exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseStreamingFileMismatchException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseStreamingFileMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentDatabaseUnavailableException Base class for JET_err.DatabaseUnavailable exceptions.
Public class EsentDataException Base class for Data exceptions.
Public class EsentDataHasChangedException Base class for JET_err.DataHasChanged exceptions.
Public class EsentDbTimeCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.DbTimeCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentDbTimeTooNewException Base class for JET_err.DbTimeTooNew exceptions.
Public class EsentDbTimeTooOldException Base class for JET_err.DbTimeTooOld exceptions.
Public class EsentDDLNotInheritableException Base class for JET_err.DDLNotInheritable exceptions.
Public class EsentDecompressionFailedException Base class for JET_err.DecompressionFailed exceptions.
Public class EsentDefaultValueTooBigException Base class for JET_err.DefaultValueTooBig exceptions.
Public class EsentDeleteBackupFileFailException Base class for JET_err.DeleteBackupFileFail exceptions.
Public class EsentDensityInvalidException Base class for JET_err.DensityInvalid exceptions.
Public class EsentDerivedColumnCorruptionException Base class for JET_err.DerivedColumnCorruption exceptions.
Public class EsentDirtyShutdownException Base class for JET_err.DirtyShutdown exceptions.
Public class EsentDisabledFunctionalityException Base class for JET_err.DisabledFunctionality exceptions.
Public class EsentDiskException Base class for Disk exceptions.
Public class EsentDiskFullException Base class for JET_err.DiskFull exceptions.
Public class EsentDiskIOException Base class for JET_err.DiskIO exceptions.
Public class EsentDiskReadVerificationFailureException Base class for JET_err.DiskReadVerificationFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentDistributedTransactionAlreadyPreparedToCommitException Base class for JET_err.DistributedTransactionAlreadyPreparedToCommit exceptions.
Public class EsentDistributedTransactionNotYetPreparedToCommitException Base class for JET_err.DistributedTransactionNotYetPreparedToCommit exceptions.
Public class EsentDTCCallbackUnexpectedErrorException Base class for JET_err.DTCCallbackUnexpectedError exceptions.
Public class EsentDTCMissingCallbackException Base class for JET_err.DTCMissingCallback exceptions.
Public class EsentDTCMissingCallbackOnRecoveryException Base class for JET_err.DTCMissingCallbackOnRecovery exceptions.
Public class EsentEndingRestoreLogTooLowException Base class for JET_err.EndingRestoreLogTooLow exceptions.
Public class EsentEntryPointNotFoundException Base class for JET_err.EntryPointNotFound exceptions.
Public class EsentErrorException Base class for ESENT error exceptions.
Public class EsentExclusiveTableLockRequiredException Base class for JET_err.ExclusiveTableLockRequired exceptions.
Public class EsentExistingLogFileHasBadSignatureException Base class for JET_err.ExistingLogFileHasBadSignature exceptions.
Public class EsentExistingLogFileIsNotContiguousException Base class for JET_err.ExistingLogFileIsNotContiguous exceptions.
Public class EsentFatalException Base class for Fatal exceptions.
Public class EsentFeatureNotAvailableException Base class for JET_err.FeatureNotAvailable exceptions.
Public class EsentFileAccessDeniedException Base class for JET_err.FileAccessDenied exceptions.
Public class EsentFileCloseException Base class for JET_err.FileClose exceptions.
Public class EsentFileCompressedException Base class for JET_err.FileCompressed exceptions.
Public class EsentFileInvalidTypeException Base class for JET_err.FileInvalidType exceptions.
Public class EsentFileIOAbortException Base class for JET_err.FileIOAbort exceptions.
Public class EsentFileIOBeyondEOFException Base class for JET_err.FileIOBeyondEOF exceptions.
Public class EsentFileIOFailException Base class for JET_err.FileIOFail exceptions.
Public class EsentFileIORetryException Base class for JET_err.FileIORetry exceptions.
Public class EsentFileIOSparseException Base class for JET_err.FileIOSparse exceptions.
Public class EsentFileNotFoundException Base class for JET_err.FileNotFound exceptions.
Public class EsentFileSystemCorruptionException Base class for JET_err.FileSystemCorruption exceptions.
Public class EsentFilteredMoveNotSupportedException Base class for JET_err.FilteredMoveNotSupported exceptions.
Public class EsentFixedDDLException Base class for JET_err.FixedDDL exceptions.
Public class EsentFixedInheritedDDLException Base class for JET_err.FixedInheritedDDL exceptions.
Public class EsentForceDetachNotAllowedException Base class for JET_err.ForceDetachNotAllowed exceptions.
Public class EsentFragmentationException Base class for Fragmentation exceptions.
Public class EsentGivenLogFileHasBadSignatureException Base class for JET_err.GivenLogFileHasBadSignature exceptions.
Public class EsentGivenLogFileIsNotContiguousException Base class for JET_err.GivenLogFileIsNotContiguous exceptions.
Public class EsentIllegalOperationException Base class for JET_err.IllegalOperation exceptions.
Public class EsentInconsistentException Base class for Inconsistent exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexBuildCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.IndexBuildCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexCantBuildException Base class for JET_err.IndexCantBuild exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexDuplicateException Base class for JET_err.IndexDuplicate exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexHasPrimaryException Base class for JET_err.IndexHasPrimary exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexInUseException Base class for JET_err.IndexInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexInvalidDefException Base class for JET_err.IndexInvalidDef exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexMustStayException Base class for JET_err.IndexMustStay exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexNotFoundException Base class for JET_err.IndexNotFound exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexTuplesCannotRetrieveFromIndexException Base class for JET_err.IndexTuplesCannotRetrieveFromIndex exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexTuplesInvalidLimitsException Base class for JET_err.IndexTuplesInvalidLimits exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexTuplesKeyTooSmallException Base class for JET_err.IndexTuplesKeyTooSmall exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexTuplesNonUniqueOnlyException Base class for JET_err.IndexTuplesNonUniqueOnly exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexTuplesSecondaryIndexOnlyException Base class for JET_err.IndexTuplesSecondaryIndexOnly exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexTuplesTextBinaryColumnsOnlyException Base class for JET_err.IndexTuplesTextBinaryColumnsOnly exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexTuplesTooManyColumnsException Base class for JET_err.IndexTuplesTooManyColumns exceptions.
Public class EsentIndexTuplesVarSegMacNotAllowedException Base class for JET_err.IndexTuplesVarSegMacNotAllowed exceptions.
Public class EsentInitInProgressException Base class for JET_err.InitInProgress exceptions.
Public class EsentInstanceNameInUseException Base class for JET_err.InstanceNameInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentInstanceUnavailableDueToFatalLogDiskFullException Base class for JET_err.InstanceUnavailableDueToFatalLogDiskFull exceptions.
Public class EsentInstanceUnavailableException Base class for JET_err.InstanceUnavailable exceptions.
Public class EsentInternalErrorException Base class for JET_err.InternalError exceptions.
Public class EsentInTransactionException Base class for JET_err.InTransaction exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidBackupException Base class for JET_err.InvalidBackup exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidBackupSequenceException Base class for JET_err.InvalidBackupSequence exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidBookmarkException Base class for JET_err.InvalidBookmark exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidBufferSizeException Base class for JET_err.InvalidBufferSize exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidCodePageException Base class for JET_err.InvalidCodePage exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidColumnException Exception thrown when a column conversion fails.
Public class EsentInvalidColumnTypeException Base class for JET_err.InvalidColumnType exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidCountryException Base class for JET_err.InvalidCountry exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidCreateDbVersionException Base class for JET_err.InvalidCreateDbVersion exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidCreateIndexException Base class for JET_err.InvalidCreateIndex exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidDatabaseException Base class for JET_err.InvalidDatabase exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidDatabaseIdException Base class for JET_err.InvalidDatabaseId exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidDatabaseVersionException Base class for JET_err.InvalidDatabaseVersion exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidFilenameException Base class for JET_err.InvalidFilename exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidGrbitException Base class for JET_err.InvalidGrbit exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidIndexIdException Base class for JET_err.InvalidIndexId exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidInstanceException Base class for JET_err.InvalidInstance exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidLanguageIdException Base class for JET_err.InvalidLanguageId exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidLCMapStringFlagsException Base class for JET_err.InvalidLCMapStringFlags exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidLogDataSequenceException Base class for JET_err.InvalidLogDataSequence exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidLogDirectoryException Base class for JET_err.InvalidLogDirectory exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidLoggedOperationException Base class for JET_err.InvalidLoggedOperation exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidLogSequenceException Base class for JET_err.InvalidLogSequence exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidNameException Base class for JET_err.InvalidName exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidObjectException Base class for JET_err.InvalidObject exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidOnSortException Base class for JET_err.InvalidOnSort exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidOperationException Base class for JET_err.InvalidOperation exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidParameterException Base class for JET_err.InvalidParameter exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidPathException Base class for JET_err.InvalidPath exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidPlaceholderColumnException Base class for JET_err.InvalidPlaceholderColumn exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidPrereadException Base class for JET_err.InvalidPreread exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidSesidException Base class for JET_err.InvalidSesid exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidSettingsException Base class for JET_err.InvalidSettings exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidSystemPathException Base class for JET_err.InvalidSystemPath exceptions.
Public class EsentInvalidTableIdException Base class for JET_err.InvalidTableId exceptions.
Public class EsentIOException Base class for IO exceptions.
Public class EsentKeyBoundaryException Base class for JET_err.KeyBoundary exceptions.
Public class EsentKeyDuplicateException Base class for JET_err.KeyDuplicate exceptions.
Public class EsentKeyIsMadeException Base class for JET_err.KeyIsMade exceptions.
Public class EsentKeyNotMadeException Base class for JET_err.KeyNotMade exceptions.
Public class EsentKeyTooBigException Base class for JET_err.KeyTooBig exceptions.
Public class EsentKeyTruncatedException Base class for JET_err.KeyTruncated exceptions.
Public class EsentLanguageNotSupportedException Base class for JET_err.LanguageNotSupported exceptions.
Public class EsentLinkNotSupportedException Base class for JET_err.LinkNotSupported exceptions.
Public class EsentLogBufferTooSmallException Base class for JET_err.LogBufferTooSmall exceptions.
Public class EsentLogCorruptDuringHardRecoveryException Base class for JET_err.LogCorruptDuringHardRecovery exceptions.
Public class EsentLogCorruptDuringHardRestoreException Base class for JET_err.LogCorruptDuringHardRestore exceptions.
Public class EsentLogCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.LogCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentLogDisabledDueToRecoveryFailureException Base class for JET_err.LogDisabledDueToRecoveryFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentLogDiskFullException Base class for JET_err.LogDiskFull exceptions.
Public class EsentLogFileCorruptException Base class for JET_err.LogFileCorrupt exceptions.
Public class EsentLogFileNotCopiedException Base class for JET_err.LogFileNotCopied exceptions.
Public class EsentLogFilePathInUseException Base class for JET_err.LogFilePathInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentLogFileSizeMismatchDatabasesConsistentException Base class for JET_err.LogFileSizeMismatchDatabasesConsistent exceptions.
Public class EsentLogFileSizeMismatchException Base class for JET_err.LogFileSizeMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentLogGenerationMismatchException Base class for JET_err.LogGenerationMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentLoggingDisabledException Base class for JET_err.LoggingDisabled exceptions.
Public class EsentLogReadVerifyFailureException Base class for JET_err.LogReadVerifyFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentLogSectorSizeMismatchDatabasesConsistentException Base class for JET_err.LogSectorSizeMismatchDatabasesConsistent exceptions.
Public class EsentLogSectorSizeMismatchException Base class for JET_err.LogSectorSizeMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentLogSequenceEndDatabasesConsistentException Base class for JET_err.LogSequenceEndDatabasesConsistent exceptions.
Public class EsentLogSequenceEndException Base class for JET_err.LogSequenceEnd exceptions.
Public class EsentLogTornWriteDuringHardRecoveryException Base class for JET_err.LogTornWriteDuringHardRecovery exceptions.
Public class EsentLogTornWriteDuringHardRestoreException Base class for JET_err.LogTornWriteDuringHardRestore exceptions.
Public class EsentLogWriteFailException Base class for JET_err.LogWriteFail exceptions.
Public class EsentLSAlreadySetException Base class for JET_err.LSAlreadySet exceptions.
Public class EsentLSCallbackNotSpecifiedException Base class for JET_err.LSCallbackNotSpecified exceptions.
Public class EsentLSNotSetException Base class for JET_err.LSNotSet exceptions.
Public class EsentLVCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.LVCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentMakeBackupDirectoryFailException Base class for JET_err.MakeBackupDirectoryFail exceptions.
Public class EsentMemoryException Base class for Memory exceptions.
Public class EsentMissingCurrentLogFilesException Base class for JET_err.MissingCurrentLogFiles exceptions.
Public class EsentMissingFileToBackupException Base class for JET_err.MissingFileToBackup exceptions.
Public class EsentMissingFullBackupException Base class for JET_err.MissingFullBackup exceptions.
Public class EsentMissingLogFileException Base class for JET_err.MissingLogFile exceptions.
Public class EsentMissingPatchPageException Base class for JET_err.MissingPatchPage exceptions.
Public class EsentMissingPreviousLogFileException Base class for JET_err.MissingPreviousLogFile exceptions.
Public class EsentMissingRestoreLogFilesException Base class for JET_err.MissingRestoreLogFiles exceptions.
Public class EsentMultiValuedColumnMustBeTaggedException Base class for JET_err.MultiValuedColumnMustBeTagged exceptions.
Public class EsentMultiValuedDuplicateAfterTruncationException Base class for JET_err.MultiValuedDuplicateAfterTruncation exceptions.
Public class EsentMultiValuedDuplicateException Base class for JET_err.MultiValuedDuplicate exceptions.
Public class EsentMultiValuedIndexViolationException Base class for JET_err.MultiValuedIndexViolation exceptions.
Public class EsentMustBeSeparateLongValueException Base class for JET_err.MustBeSeparateLongValue exceptions.
Public class EsentMustCommitDistributedTransactionToLevel0Exception Base class for JET_err.MustCommitDistributedTransactionToLevel0 exceptions.
Public class EsentMustDisableLoggingForDbUpgradeException Base class for JET_err.MustDisableLoggingForDbUpgrade exceptions.
Public class EsentMustRollbackException Base class for JET_err.MustRollback exceptions.
Public class EsentNoAttachmentsFailedIncrementalReseedException Base class for JET_err.NoAttachmentsFailedIncrementalReseed exceptions.
Public class EsentNoBackupDirectoryException Base class for JET_err.NoBackupDirectory exceptions.
Public class EsentNoBackupException Base class for JET_err.NoBackup exceptions.
Public class EsentNoCurrentIndexException Base class for JET_err.NoCurrentIndex exceptions.
Public class EsentNoCurrentRecordException Base class for JET_err.NoCurrentRecord exceptions.
Public class EsentNotInDistributedTransactionException Base class for JET_err.NotInDistributedTransaction exceptions.
Public class EsentNotInitializedException Base class for JET_err.NotInitialized exceptions.
Public class EsentNotInTransactionException Base class for JET_err.NotInTransaction exceptions.
Public class EsentNTSystemCallFailedException Base class for JET_err.NTSystemCallFailed exceptions.
Public class EsentNullInvalidException Base class for JET_err.NullInvalid exceptions.
Public class EsentNullKeyDisallowedException Base class for JET_err.NullKeyDisallowed exceptions.
Public class EsentObjectDuplicateException Base class for JET_err.ObjectDuplicate exceptions.
Public class EsentObjectNotFoundException Base class for JET_err.ObjectNotFound exceptions.
Public class EsentObsoleteException Base class for Obsolete exceptions.
Public class EsentOneDatabasePerSessionException Base class for JET_err.OneDatabasePerSession exceptions.
Public class EsentOperationException Base class for Operation exceptions.
Public class EsentOSSnapshotInvalidSequenceException Base class for JET_err.OSSnapshotInvalidSequence exceptions.
Public class EsentOSSnapshotInvalidSnapIdException Base class for JET_err.OSSnapshotInvalidSnapId exceptions.
Public class EsentOSSnapshotNotAllowedException Base class for JET_err.OSSnapshotNotAllowed exceptions.
Public class EsentOSSnapshotTimeOutException Base class for JET_err.OSSnapshotTimeOut exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfAutoincrementValuesException Base class for JET_err.OutOfAutoincrementValues exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfBuffersException Base class for JET_err.OutOfBuffers exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfCursorsException Base class for JET_err.OutOfCursors exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfDatabaseSpaceException Base class for JET_err.OutOfDatabaseSpace exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfDbtimeValuesException Base class for JET_err.OutOfDbtimeValues exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfFileHandlesException Base class for JET_err.OutOfFileHandles exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfLongValueIDsException Base class for JET_err.OutOfLongValueIDs exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfMemoryException Base class for JET_err.OutOfMemory exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfObjectIDsException Base class for JET_err.OutOfObjectIDs exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfSequentialIndexValuesException Base class for JET_err.OutOfSequentialIndexValues exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfSessionsException Base class for JET_err.OutOfSessions exceptions.
Public class EsentOutOfThreadsException Base class for JET_err.OutOfThreads exceptions.
Public class EsentPageBoundaryException Base class for JET_err.PageBoundary exceptions.
Public class EsentPageNotInitializedException Base class for JET_err.PageNotInitialized exceptions.
Public class EsentPageSizeMismatchException Base class for JET_err.PageSizeMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentPartiallyAttachedDBException Base class for JET_err.PartiallyAttachedDB exceptions.
Public class EsentPatchFileMissingException Base class for JET_err.PatchFileMissing exceptions.
Public class EsentPermissionDeniedException Base class for JET_err.PermissionDenied exceptions.
Public class EsentPreviousVersionException Base class for JET_err.PreviousVersion exceptions.
Public class EsentPrimaryIndexCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.PrimaryIndexCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentQueryNotSupportedException Base class for JET_err.QueryNotSupported exceptions.
Public class EsentQuotaException Base class for Quota exceptions.
Public class EsentReadLostFlushVerifyFailureException Base class for JET_err.ReadLostFlushVerifyFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentReadPgnoVerifyFailureException Base class for JET_err.ReadPgnoVerifyFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentReadVerifyFailureException Base class for JET_err.ReadVerifyFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentRecordDeletedException Base class for JET_err.RecordDeleted exceptions.
Public class EsentRecordFormatConversionFailedException Base class for JET_err.RecordFormatConversionFailed exceptions.
Public class EsentRecordNoCopyException Base class for JET_err.RecordNoCopy exceptions.
Public class EsentRecordNotDeletedException Base class for JET_err.RecordNotDeleted exceptions.
Public class EsentRecordNotFoundException Base class for JET_err.RecordNotFound exceptions.
Public class EsentRecordPrimaryChangedException Base class for JET_err.RecordPrimaryChanged exceptions.
Public class EsentRecordTooBigException Base class for JET_err.RecordTooBig exceptions.
Public class EsentRecordTooBigForBackwardCompatibilityException Base class for JET_err.RecordTooBigForBackwardCompatibility exceptions.
Public class EsentRecoveredWithErrorsException Base class for JET_err.RecoveredWithErrors exceptions.
Public class EsentRecoveredWithoutUndoDatabasesConsistentException Base class for JET_err.RecoveredWithoutUndoDatabasesConsistent exceptions.
Public class EsentRecoveredWithoutUndoException Base class for JET_err.RecoveredWithoutUndo exceptions.
Public class EsentRecoveryVerifyFailureException Base class for JET_err.RecoveryVerifyFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentRedoAbruptEndedException Base class for JET_err.RedoAbruptEnded exceptions.
Public class EsentRequiredLogFilesMissingException Base class for JET_err.RequiredLogFilesMissing exceptions.
Public class EsentResource This is the base class for all esent resource objects. Subclasses of this class can allocate and release unmanaged resources.
Public class EsentResourceException Base class for Resource exceptions.
Public class EsentRestoreInProgressException Base class for JET_err.RestoreInProgress exceptions.
Public class EsentRestoreOfNonBackupDatabaseException Base class for JET_err.RestoreOfNonBackupDatabase exceptions.
Public class EsentRfsFailureException Base class for JET_err.RfsFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentRfsNotArmedException Base class for JET_err.RfsNotArmed exceptions.
Public class EsentRollbackErrorException Base class for JET_err.RollbackError exceptions.
Public class EsentRollbackRequiredException Base class for JET_err.RollbackRequired exceptions.
Public class EsentRunningInMultiInstanceModeException Base class for JET_err.RunningInMultiInstanceMode exceptions.
Public class EsentRunningInOneInstanceModeException Base class for JET_err.RunningInOneInstanceMode exceptions.
Public class EsentSecondaryIndexCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.SecondaryIndexCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentSectorSizeNotSupportedException Base class for JET_err.SectorSizeNotSupported exceptions.
Public class EsentSeparatedLongValueException Base class for JET_err.SeparatedLongValue exceptions.
Public class EsentSesidTableIdMismatchException Base class for JET_err.SesidTableIdMismatch exceptions.
Public class EsentSessionContextAlreadySetException Base class for JET_err.SessionContextAlreadySet exceptions.
Public class EsentSessionContextNotSetByThisThreadException Base class for JET_err.SessionContextNotSetByThisThread exceptions.
Public class EsentSessionInUseException Base class for JET_err.SessionInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentSessionSharingViolationException Base class for JET_err.SessionSharingViolation exceptions.
Public class EsentSessionWriteConflictException Base class for JET_err.SessionWriteConflict exceptions.
Public class EsentSLVBufferTooSmallException
Public class EsentSLVColumnCannotDeleteException
Public class EsentSLVColumnDefaultValueNotAllowedException
Public class EsentSLVCorruptedException
Public class EsentSLVDatabaseMissingException
Public class EsentSLVEAListCorruptException
Public class EsentSLVEAListTooBigException
Public class EsentSLVEAListZeroAllocationException
Public class EsentSLVFileAccessDeniedException
Public class EsentSLVFileInUseException
Public class EsentSLVFileInvalidPathException
Public class EsentSLVFileIOException
Public class EsentSLVFileNotFoundException
Public class EsentSLVFileStaleException
Public class EsentSLVFileUnknownException
Public class EsentSLVHeaderBadChecksumException
Public class EsentSLVHeaderCorruptedException
Public class EsentSLVInvalidPathException
Public class EsentSLVOwnerMapAlreadyExistsException
Public class EsentSLVOwnerMapCorruptedException
Public class EsentSLVOwnerMapPageNotFoundException
Public class EsentSLVPagesNotCommittedException
Public class EsentSLVPagesNotDeletedException
Public class EsentSLVPagesNotFreeException
Public class EsentSLVPagesNotReservedException
Public class EsentSLVProviderNotLoadedException
Public class EsentSLVProviderVersionMismatchException
Public class EsentSLVReadVerifyFailureException
Public class EsentSLVRootNotSpecifiedException
Public class EsentSLVRootPathInvalidException
Public class EsentSLVRootStillOpenException
Public class EsentSLVSpaceCorruptedException
Public class EsentSLVSpaceWriteConflictException
Public class EsentSLVStreamingFileAlreadyExistsException
Public class EsentSLVStreamingFileFullException
Public class EsentSLVStreamingFileInUseException
Public class EsentSLVStreamingFileMissingException
Public class EsentSLVStreamingFileNotCreatedException
Public class EsentSLVStreamingFileReadOnlyException
Public class EsentSoftRecoveryOnBackupDatabaseException Base class for JET_err.SoftRecoveryOnBackupDatabase exceptions.
Public class EsentSoftRecoveryOnSnapshotException Base class for JET_err.SoftRecoveryOnSnapshot exceptions.
Public class EsentSpaceHintsInvalidException Base class for JET_err.SpaceHintsInvalid exceptions.
Public class EsentSPAvailExtCacheOutOfMemoryException Base class for JET_err.SPAvailExtCacheOutOfMemory exceptions.
Public class EsentSPAvailExtCacheOutOfSyncException Base class for JET_err.SPAvailExtCacheOutOfSync exceptions.
Public class EsentSPAvailExtCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.SPAvailExtCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentSPOwnExtCorruptedException Base class for JET_err.SPOwnExtCorrupted exceptions.
Public class EsentSQLLinkNotSupportedException Base class for JET_err.SQLLinkNotSupported exceptions.
Public class EsentStartingRestoreLogTooHighException Base class for JET_err.StartingRestoreLogTooHigh exceptions.
Public class EsentStateException Base class for State exceptions.
Public class EsentStopwatch Provides a set of methods and properties that you can use to measure ESENT work statistics for a thread. If the current version of ESENT doesn't support JetGetThreadStats(JET_THREADSTATS) then all ESENT statistics will be 0.
Public class EsentStreamingDataNotLoggedException Base class for JET_err.StreamingDataNotLogged exceptions.
Public class EsentSurrogateBackupInProgressException Base class for JET_err.SurrogateBackupInProgress exceptions.
Public class EsentSystemParamsAlreadySetException Base class for JET_err.SystemParamsAlreadySet exceptions.
Public class EsentSystemPathInUseException Base class for JET_err.SystemPathInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentTableDuplicateException Base class for JET_err.TableDuplicate exceptions.
Public class EsentTableInUseException Base class for JET_err.TableInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentTableLockedException Base class for JET_err.TableLocked exceptions.
Public class EsentTableNotEmptyException Base class for JET_err.TableNotEmpty exceptions.
Public class EsentTaggedNotNULLException Base class for JET_err.TaggedNotNULL exceptions.
Public class EsentTaskDroppedException Base class for JET_err.TaskDropped exceptions.
Public class EsentTempFileOpenErrorException Base class for JET_err.TempFileOpenError exceptions.
Public class EsentTempPathInUseException Base class for JET_err.TempPathInUse exceptions.
Public class EsentTermInProgressException Base class for JET_err.TermInProgress exceptions.
Public class EsentTestInjectionNotSupportedException Base class for JET_err.TestInjectionNotSupported exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyActiveUsersException Base class for JET_err.TooManyActiveUsers exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyAttachedDatabasesException Base class for JET_err.TooManyAttachedDatabases exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyColumnsException Base class for JET_err.TooManyColumns exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyIndexesException Base class for JET_err.TooManyIndexes exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyInstancesException Base class for JET_err.TooManyInstances exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyIOException Base class for JET_err.TooManyIO exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyKeysException Base class for JET_err.TooManyKeys exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyMempoolEntriesException Base class for JET_err.TooManyMempoolEntries exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyOpenDatabasesException Base class for JET_err.TooManyOpenDatabases exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyOpenIndexesException Base class for JET_err.TooManyOpenIndexes exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyOpenTablesAndCleanupTimedOutException Base class for JET_err.TooManyOpenTablesAndCleanupTimedOut exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyOpenTablesException Base class for JET_err.TooManyOpenTables exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManySortsException Base class for JET_err.TooManySorts exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManySplitsException Base class for JET_err.TooManySplits exceptions.
Public class EsentTooManyTestInjectionsException Base class for JET_err.TooManyTestInjections exceptions.
Public class EsentTransReadOnlyException Base class for JET_err.TransReadOnly exceptions.
Public class EsentTransTooDeepException Base class for JET_err.TransTooDeep exceptions.
Public class EsentUnicodeLanguageValidationFailureException Base class for JET_err.UnicodeLanguageValidationFailure exceptions.
Public class EsentUnicodeNormalizationNotSupportedException Base class for JET_err.UnicodeNormalizationNotSupported exceptions.
Public class EsentUnicodeTranslationBufferTooSmallException Base class for JET_err.UnicodeTranslationBufferTooSmall exceptions.
Public class EsentUnicodeTranslationFailException Base class for JET_err.UnicodeTranslationFail exceptions.
Public class EsentUnloadableOSFunctionalityException Base class for JET_err.UnloadableOSFunctionality exceptions.
Public class EsentUpdateMustVersionException Base class for JET_err.UpdateMustVersion exceptions.
Public class EsentUpdateNotPreparedException Base class for JET_err.UpdateNotPrepared exceptions.
Public class EsentUsageException Base class for Usage exceptions.
Public class EsentVersion Gives information about the version of ESENT being used.
Public class EsentVersionStoreEntryTooBigException Base class for JET_err.VersionStoreEntryTooBig exceptions.
Public class EsentVersionStoreOutOfMemoryAndCleanupTimedOutException Base class for JET_err.VersionStoreOutOfMemoryAndCleanupTimedOut exceptions.
Public class EsentVersionStoreOutOfMemoryException Base class for JET_err.VersionStoreOutOfMemory exceptions.
Public class EsentWriteConflictException Base class for JET_err.WriteConflict exceptions.
Public class EsentWriteConflictPrimaryIndexException Base class for JET_err.WriteConflictPrimaryIndex exceptions.
Public class FloatColumnValue A Single column value.
Public class GuidColumnValue A Guid column value.
Public class IndexInfo Information about one esent index. This is not an interop class, but is used by the meta-data helper methods.
Public class IndexSegment Describes one segment of an index.
Public class Instance A class that encapsulates a JET_INSTANCE in a disposable object. The instance must be closed last and closing the instance releases all other resources for the instance.
Public class InstanceParameters This class provides properties to set and get system parameters on an ESENT instance. This class provides static properties to set and get per-instance ESENT system parameters.
Public class Int16ColumnValue An Int16 column value.
Public class Int32ColumnValue An Int32 column value.
Public class Int64ColumnValue An Int64 column value.
Public class JET_COLUMNBASE Describes a column in a table of an ESENT database.
Public class JET_COLUMNCREATE Describes a column in a table of an ESENT database.
Public class JET_COLUMNDEF Describes a column in a table of an ESENT database.
Public class JET_COLUMNLIST Information about a temporary table containing information about all columns for a given table.
Public class JET_CONDITIONALCOLUMN Defines how conditional indexing is performed for a given index. A conditional index contains an index entry for only those rows that match the specified condition. However, the conditional column is not part of the index's key, it only controls the presence of the index entry.
Public class JET_CONVERT Obsolete. Conversion options for JetCompact(JET_SESID, String, String, JET_PFNSTATUS, JET_CONVERT, CompactGrbit). This feature was discontinued in Windows Server 2003.
Public class JET_DBINFOMISC Holds miscellaneous information about a database. This is the information that is contained in the database header.
Public class JET_ENUMCOLUMN Enumerates the column values of a record using the JetEnumerateColumns function. JetEnumerateColumns returns an array of JET_ENUMCOLUMNVALUE structures. The array is returned in memory that was allocated using the callback that was supplied to that function.
Public class JET_ENUMCOLUMNID Enumerates a specific set of columns and, optionally, a specific set of multiple values for those columns when the JetEnumerateColumns function is used. JetEnumerateColumns optionally takes an array of JET_ENUMCOLUMNID structures.
Public class JET_ENUMCOLUMNVALUE Enumerates the column values of a record using the JetEnumerateColumns function. JetEnumerateColumns(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, Int32, [], Int32, [], JET_PFNREALLOC, IntPtr, Int32, EnumerateColumnsGrbit) returns an array of JET_ENUMCOLUMNVALUE structures. The array is returned in memory that was allocated using the callback that was supplied to that function.
Public class JET_INDEXCREATE Contains the information needed to create an index over data in an ESE database. Contains the information needed to create an index over data in an ESE database.
Public class JET_INDEXLIST Information about a temporary table containing information about all indexes for a given table.
Public class JET_INDEXRANGE Identifies an index range when it is used with the JetIntersectIndexes function.
Public class JET_INSTANCE_INFO Receives information about running database instances when used with the JetGetInstanceInfo and JetOSSnapshotFreeze functions.
Public class JET_OBJECTINFO The JET_OBJECTINFO structure holds information about an object. Tables are the only object types that are currently supported.
Public class JET_OBJECTLIST Information about a temporary table containing information about all tables for a given database.
Public class JET_RECORDLIST Information about a temporary table containing information about all indexes for a given table.
Public class JET_RECPOS Represents a fractional position within an index. This is used by JetGotoPosition and JetGetRecordPosition.
Public class JET_RETINFO Contains optional input and output parameters for JetRetrieveColumn.
Public class JET_RETRIEVECOLUMN Contains input and output parameters for JetRetrieveColumns(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, [], Int32). Fields in the structure describe what column value to retrieve, how to retrieve it, and where to save results.
Public class JET_RSTINFO Contains optional input and output parameters for JetRetrieveColumn.
Public class JET_RSTMAP Enables the remapping of database file paths that are stored in the transaction logs during recovery.
Public class JET_SETCOLUMN Contains input and output parameters for JetSetColumns(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, [], Int32). Fields in the structure describe what column value to set, how to set it, and where to get the column set data.
Public class JET_SETINFO Settings for JetSetColumn.
Public class JET_SNPROG Contains information about the progress of a long-running operation.
Public class JET_SPACEHINTS Describes a column in a table of an ESENT database.
Public class JET_TABLECREATE Contains the information needed to create a table in an ESE database. Contains the information needed to create a table in an ESE database.
Public class JET_UNICODEINDEX Customizes how Unicode data gets normalized when an index is created over a Unicode column. Customizes how Unicode data gets normalized when an index is created over a Unicode column.
Public class Session A class that encapsulates a JET_SESID in a disposable object.
Public class StringColumnValue A Unicode string column value.
Public class SystemParameters Constants for the ESENT API. These don't have to be looked up via system parameters. This class provides static properties to set and get global ESENT system parameters. This class provides static properties to set and get global ESENT system parameters.
Public class Table A class that encapsulates a JET_TABLEID in a disposable object. This opens an existing table. To create a table use the JetCreateTable method.
Public class Transaction A class that encapsulates a transaction on a JET_SESID.
Public class UInt16ColumnValue A UInt16 column value.
Public class UInt32ColumnValue A UInt32 column value.
Public class UInt64ColumnValue A UInt64 column value.
Public class Update A class that encapsulates an update on a JET_TABLEID.

  Structure Description
Public structure JET_BKINFO Holds a collection of data about a specific backup event.
Public structure JET_BKLOGTIME Describes a date/time when a backup occured.
Public structure JET_COLUMNID A JET_COLUMNID identifies a column within a table.
Public structure JET_DBID A JET_DBID contains the handle to the database. A database handle is used to manage the schema of a database. It can also be used to manage the tables inside of that database.
Public structure JET_HANDLE A JET_HANDLE contains a generic handle.
Public structure JET_INDEXID Holds an index ID. An index ID is a hint that is used to accelerate the selection of the current index using JetSetCurrentIndex. It is most useful when there is a very large number of indexes over a table. The index ID can be retrieved using JetGetIndexInfo or JetGetTableIndexInfo.
Public structure JET_INSTANCE A JET_INSTANCE contains a handle to the instance of the database to use for calls to the JET API.
Public structure JET_LGPOS Describes an offset in the log sequence.
Public structure JET_LOGTIME Describes a date/time.
Public structure JET_LS Local storage for an ESENT handle. Used by JetGetLS(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, JET_LS, LsGrbit) and JetSetLS(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, JET_LS, LsGrbit).
Public structure JET_OSSNAPID A JET_OSSNAPID contains a handle to a snapshot of a database.
Public structure JET_SESID A JET_SESID contains a handle to the session to use for calls to the JET APIr-.
Public structure JET_SIGNATURE The JET_SIGNATURE structure contains information that uniquely identifies a database or logfile sequence.
Public structure JET_TABLEID A JET_TABLEID contains a handle to the database cursor to use for a call to the JET API. A cursor can only be used with the session that was used to open that cursor.

  Interface Description
Public interface IContentEquatable<T> Interface for objects that can have their contents compared against each other. This should be used for equality comparisons on mutable reference objects where overriding Equals() and GetHashCode() isn't a good idea.
Public interface IDeepCloneable<T> Interface for objects that can be cloned. This creates a deep copy of the object. It is used for cloning meta-data objects.
Public interface IJET_LOGTIME Interface for common methods between JET_LOGTIME and JET_BKLOGTIME.
Public interface INullableJetStruct Interface for Jet structures that are nullable (can have null values).

  Delegate Description
Public delegate JET_CALLBACK A multi-purpose callback function used by the database engine to inform the application of an event involving online defragmentation and cursor state notifications.
Public delegate JET_PFNREALLOC Callback used by JetEnumerateColumns to allocate memory for its output buffers.
Public delegate JET_PFNSTATUS Receives information about the progress of long-running operations, such as defragmentation, backup, or restore operations. During such operations, the database engine calls this callback function to give an update on the progress of the operation.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AttachDatabaseGrbit Options for JetAttachDatabase.
Public enumeration BackupGrbit Options for JetBackupInstance(JET_INSTANCE, String, BackupGrbit, JET_PFNSTATUS).
Public enumeration BeginExternalBackupGrbit Options for JetBeginExternalBackupInstance(JET_INSTANCE, BeginExternalBackupGrbit).
Public enumeration BeginTransactionGrbit Options for JetBeginTransaction2(JET_SESID, BeginTransactionGrbit).
Public enumeration CloseDatabaseGrbit Options for JetCloseDatabase(JET_SESID, JET_DBID, CloseDatabaseGrbit).
Public enumeration ColumndefGrbit Options for the JET_COLUMNDEF structure.
Public enumeration CommitTransactionGrbit Options for JetCommitTransaction.
Public enumeration CompactGrbit Options for JetCompact(JET_SESID, String, String, JET_PFNSTATUS, JET_CONVERT, CompactGrbit).
Public enumeration ConditionalColumnGrbit Options for the JET_CONDITIONALCOLUMN structure.
Public enumeration CreateDatabaseGrbit Options for JetCreateDatabase(JET_SESID, String, String, JET_DBID, CreateDatabaseGrbit).
Public enumeration CreateIndexGrbit Options for JetCreateIndex.
Public enumeration CreateInstanceGrbit Options for JetCreateInstance2.
Public enumeration CreateTableColumnIndexGrbit Options for JetCreateTableColumnIndex.
Public enumeration DefragGrbit Options for JetDefragment(JET_SESID, JET_DBID, String, Int32, Int32, DefragGrbit).
Public enumeration DeleteColumnGrbit Options for JetDeleteColumn2(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, String, DeleteColumnGrbit).
Public enumeration DetachDatabaseGrbit Options for JetDetachDatabase2(JET_SESID, String, DetachDatabaseGrbit).
Public enumeration DupCursorGrbit Options for JetDupCursor(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, JET_TABLEID, DupCursorGrbit).
Public enumeration EndExternalBackupGrbit Options for JetEndExternalBackupInstance(JET_INSTANCE).
Public enumeration EndSessionGrbit Options for JetEndSession.
Public enumeration EnumerateColumnsGrbit Options for JetEnumerateColumns.
Public enumeration EscrowUpdateGrbit Options for JetEscrowUpdate.
Public enumeration EventLoggingLevels Options for EventLoggingLevel.
Public enumeration GetLockGrbit Options for JetGetLock.
Public enumeration GetRecordSizeGrbit Options for JetGetRecordSize(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, JET_RECSIZE, GetRecordSizeGrbit).
Public enumeration GetSecondaryIndexBookmarkGrbit Options for JetGetSecondaryIndexBookmark(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, [], Int32, Int32, [], Int32, Int32, GetSecondaryIndexBookmarkGrbit).
Public enumeration GotoSecondaryIndexBookmarkGrbit Options for JetGotoSecondaryIndexBookmark(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, [], Int32, [], Int32, GotoSecondaryIndexBookmarkGrbit).
Public enumeration IdleGrbit Options for JetIdle(JET_SESID, IdleGrbit).
Public enumeration IndexKeyGrbit Key definition grbits. Used when retrieving information about an index.
Public enumeration IndexRangeGrbit Options for the JET_INDEXRANGE object.
Public enumeration InitGrbit Options for JetInit2(JET_INSTANCE, InitGrbit).
Public enumeration IntersectIndexesGrbit Options for JetIntersectIndexes.
Public enumeration JET_cbtyp Type of progress being reported.
Public enumeration JET_coltyp ESENT column types.
Public enumeration JET_CP Codepage for an ESENT column.
Public enumeration JET_DbInfo Info levels for retrieving database info.
Public enumeration JET_dbstate Database states (used in JET_DBINFOMISC).
Public enumeration JET_err ESENT error codes.
Public enumeration JET_ExceptionAction Constants to be used with JET_paramExceptionAction.
Public enumeration JET_filetype Esent file types.
Public enumeration JET_IdxInfo Info levels for retrieve index information with JetGetIndexInfo. and JetGetTableIndexInfo.
Public enumeration JET_Move Offsets for JetMove.
Public enumeration JET_objtyp Type of an ESENT object.
Public enumeration JET_param ESENT system parameters.
Public enumeration JET_prep Update types for JetPrepareUpdate.
Public enumeration JET_SNP The type of operation that progress is being reported for.
Public enumeration JET_SNT Type of progress being reported.
Public enumeration JET_TblInfo Info levels for retrieving table info with JetGetTableInfo.
Public enumeration JET_wrn ESENT warning codes.
Public enumeration LsGrbit Options for JetSetLS(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, JET_LS, LsGrbit) and JetGetLS(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, JET_LS, LsGrbit).
Public enumeration MakeKeyGrbit Options for JetMakeKey.
Public enumeration MoveGrbit Options for JetMove.
Public enumeration ObjectInfoFlags Flags for ESENT objects (tables). Used in JET_OBJECTINFO.
Public enumeration ObjectInfoGrbit Table options, used in JET_OBJECTINFO.
Public enumeration OpenDatabaseGrbit Options for JetOpenDatabase(JET_SESID, String, String, JET_DBID, OpenDatabaseGrbit).
Public enumeration OpenTableGrbit Options for JetOpenTable.
Public enumeration RenameColumnGrbit Options for JetRenameColumn(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, String, String, RenameColumnGrbit).
Public enumeration ResetTableSequentialGrbit Options for JetResetTableSequential.
Public enumeration RetrieveColumnGrbit Options for JetRetrieveColumn.
Public enumeration RetrieveKeyGrbit Options for JetRetrieveKey.
Public enumeration RollbackTransactionGrbit Options for JetRollbackTransaction.
Public enumeration SeekGrbit Options for JetSeek.
Public enumeration SetColumnDefaultValueGrbit Options for JetSetColumnDefaultValue(JET_SESID, JET_DBID, String, String, [], Int32, SetColumnDefaultValueGrbit).
Public enumeration SetColumnGrbit Options for JetSetColumn.
Public enumeration SetCurrentIndexGrbit Options for JetSetCurrentIndex2(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, String, SetCurrentIndexGrbit) and JetSetCurrentIndex3(JET_SESID, JET_TABLEID, String, SetCurrentIndexGrbit, Int32).
Public enumeration SetIndexRangeGrbit Options for JetSetIndexRange.
Public enumeration SetTableSequentialGrbit Options for JetSetTableSequential.
Public enumeration SnapshotFreezeGrbit Options for JetOSSnapshotFreeze(JET_OSSNAPID, Int32, [], SnapshotFreezeGrbit).
Public enumeration SnapshotPrepareGrbit Options for JetOSSnapshotPrepare(JET_OSSNAPID, SnapshotPrepareGrbit).
Public enumeration SnapshotThawGrbit Options for JetOSSnapshotThaw(JET_OSSNAPID, SnapshotThawGrbit).
Public enumeration SpaceHintsGrbit Options for JET_SPACEHINTS.
Public enumeration TempTableGrbit Options for temporary table creation.
Public enumeration TermGrbit Options for JetTerm2(JET_INSTANCE, TermGrbit).