IXAudio2SourceVoice::Discontinuity method

Notifies an XAudio2 voice that no more buffers are coming after the last one that is currently in its queue.


HRESULT Discontinuity ();


This method has no parameters.

Return value

Returns S_OK if successful, an error code otherwise.


Discontinuity suppresses the warnings that normally occur in the debug build of XAudio2 when a voice runs out of audio buffers to play. It is preferable to mark the final buffer of a stream by tagging it with the XAUDIO2_END_OF_STREAM flag, but in some cases the client may not know that a buffer is the end of a stream until after the buffer has been submitted.

Because calling Discontinuity is equivalent to applying the XAUDIO2_END_OF_STREAM flag retroactively to the last buffer submitted, an OnStreamEnd callback will be made when this buffer completes.

Note  XAudio2 may consume its entire buffer queue and emit a warning before the Discontinuity call takes effect, so Discontinuity is not guaranteed to suppress the warnings.

Platform Requirements

Windows 10 (XAudio2.9); Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 (XAudio 2.8); DirectX SDK (XAudio 2.7)




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