IDirectInputDevice8::CreateEffect Method

Creates and initializes an instance of an effect identified by the effect globally unique identifier (GUID).

HRESULT CreateEffect(
         REFGUID rguid,
         LPCDIEFFECT lpeff,
         LPDIRECTINPUTEFFECT * ppdeff,
         LPUNKNOWN punkOuter


Reference to (C++) or address of (C) the GUID identifying the effect to be created. This can be a predefined effect GUID, or it can be a GUID obtained from IDirectInputDevice8::EnumEffects. The following standard effect GUIDs are defined:
  • GUID_ConstantForce

  • GUID_RampForce

  • GUID_Square

  • GUID_Sine

  • GUID_Triangle

  • GUID_SawtoothUp

  • GUID_SawtoothDown

  • GUID_Spring

  • GUID_Damper

  • GUID_Inertia

  • GUID_Friction

  • GUID_CustomForce

DIEFFECT structure that provides parameters for the created effect. This parameter is optional. If it is NULL, the effect object is created without parameters. The application must then call the IDirectInputEffect::SetParameters method to set the parameters of the effect before it can download the effect.
Address of a variable to receive a pointer to the IDirectInputEffect Interface interface if successful.
Controlling unknown for COM aggregation. The value is NULL if the interface is not aggregated. Most calling applications pass NULL.

Return Value

If the method succeeds, the return value is DI_OK. If the method fails, the return value can be one of the following error values: DIERR_DEVICEFULL, DIERR_DEVICENOTREG, DIERR_INVALIDPARAM, DIERR_NOTINITIALIZED.

If the return value is S_OK, the effect was created, and the parameters of the effect were updated, but the effect was not necessarily downloaded. For it to be downloaded, the device must be acquired in exclusive mode.

Header: Declared in dinput.h.

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