ParameterNamespace Enumeration

Applies To: Windows 8.1

Specifies which set of parameters to retrieve.

Namespace: Microsoft.Assessments.Runtime
Assembly: Microsoft.Assessments.Core (in Microsoft.Assessments.Core.dll)

Dim instance As ParameterNamespace

public enum ParameterNamespace
public enum ParameterNamespace
public enum ParameterNamespace

Member nameDescription
AssessmentAssessment parameters are specific to the running assessment and as they were defined by the author of the assessment in the assessment manifest.The assessment defines parameters in the assessment manifest. When the job is created, the user specifies the values for each parameter. The parameter name and value pairs are stored in the job manifest. Specifying the ASSESSMENT namespace allows the assessment to ask the engine for the parameter object for a given assessment parameter. Assessment parameters can be anything defined by the Assessment author. Examples include iterations, specific workloads to run, or any other type of value an assessment needs operationally.
InvalidAn invalid value. This value is primarily for controlling the exit from loops.
JobJob-level parameters are set by the job author when the job is created. A person can provide values for the Job-level parameter when the Job is created. An assessment can obtain job parameter values by using the Job namespace.
NoneNo namespace was specified. This is an invalid value.
SessionSession parameters provided by AXE.These parameters are defined by AXE at run time.

Development Platforms

Windows 8.1