ARIA Grid Structure Error


Element with the grid role doesn't have a corresponding grid structure or accessible markup.




This error applies to custom elements that have the role attribute set to "grid". It does not apply to HTML table tags that have an implicit role of "grid".

An element that has its role attribute set to "grid" must have the structure defined by the Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) grid role, including the accessible name for the grid and its header subelements.

To fix this error, review your implementation to ensure that it complies with the WAI-ARIA specification. Specifically, ensure that the structure meets the following rules.

  • grid contains row or rowgroup elements.
  • rowgroup contains row elements.
  • row elements contain columnheader or gridcell or rowheader elements.

An accessible name should be defined for grid, columnheader, gridcell and rowheader elements by using one of the following attributes.

  • aria-labelledby attribute for referencing the element containing text.
  • aria-label attribute to set the accessible name directly.
  • title for creating a tooltip which is at the same time used as a name.