IMbnMultiCarrierEvents::OnInterfaceCapabilityChange method

This notification method is called by the Mobile Broadband service to indicate the completion of a SetHomeProvider operation that updates the interface capabilities.


HRESULT OnInterfaceCapabilityChange(
  [in] IMbnMultiCarrier *mbnInterface


mbnInterface [in]

An IMbnMultiCarrier object that represents the Mobile Broadband device.

Return value

This method must return S_OK.


When a network carrier is changed due to a call to SetHomeProvider, OnInterfaceCapabilityChange is called when the interface capabilities are updated with the capabilities of the new carrier. An application can then call the GetInterfaceCapability method of the IMbnInterface object passed to SetHomeProvider to get the available capability information. The IMbnInterface can be retrieved by calling QueryInterfaceon the IMbnMultiCarrier object passed to OnInterfaceCapabilityChange. For a list of interface capabilities, see MBN_INTERFACE_CAPS.

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