This element appears to be tabbable but is not in the tab order.




A focusable element is not accessible using standard keyboard navigation (Tab or Shift+Tab). For example, the element has not been marked as a tab stop or assigned a tab index. This issue causes problems for people who rely on a screen-reader and keyboard for navigation because:

  • The element is not discoverable.
  • If the element is a child of a custom list control, cues indicating the child element can be navigated using the Arrow or Page keys may be missing.

Possible causes

  • The MSAA role of the element or its parent is not set correctly. For example, if all list items in a list view control are not exposed through MSAA as a ROLE_SYSTEM_LISTITEM, the verification fails because the list items are not accessible using the Tab key.
  • The element or its parent is a custom control that doesn't implement tabbing correctly. For example, the MSAA State property is never set to STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSABLE.
  • An element that acts as a container for other elements was selected for verification but does not support keyboard navigation itself. For example, a toolbar and its child elements are not accessible using the TAB key.

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