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Set method of the PS_DhcpServerv6DnsSetting class

Configures how the DNS server should be updated by the DHCP server with client-related information.


uint32 Set(
  [in]  string  ComputerName,
  [in]  boolean NameProtection,
  [in]  boolean DeleteDnsRROnLeaseExpiry,
  [in]  string  DynamicUpdates,
  [in]  string  IPAddress,
  [in]  string  Prefix,
  [out] string  cmdletOutput


ComputerName [in]

DNS name or IP address of the target computer running the DHCP server service.

NameProtection [in]

Enables or disables name protection on the DHCP server. If Name protection is enabled and if there is an existing DNS record already by the same name, the DNS update for the client will fail instead of being overwritten.

DeleteDnsRROnLeaseExpiry [in]

Specifies if the DHCP server should delete the client's DNS resource records after the lease expires. Valid values are true, false. Can only be set if DynamicUpdates is set to Always or OnClientRequest.

DynamicUpdates [in]

Specifies the conditions under which to perform dynamic updates on the DNS server. Valid values are Always, Never, OnClientRequest. Always - DHCP server will always perform dynamic DNS registration of A and PTR records for the clients. Never - DHCP will not perform any dynamic DNS registration OnClientRequest - DHCP server will perform dynamic DNS registration of A and PTR records if the client has requested for the same in the DHCP client message.

Always (Always)
Never (Never)
OnClientRequest (OnClientRequest )
IPAddress [in]

IP Address of the reservation on which the DNS update behavior is to be configured.

Prefix [in]

Subnet prefix of the IPv6 scope on which the DNS update behavior is to be configured.

cmdletOutput [out]

An embedded instance of the DhcpServerv6DnsSetting class.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012







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