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Add method of the PS_DnsClientNrptRule class

Adds a rule to Name Resolution Policy Table.


uint32 Add(
  [in]   string GpoName,
  [in]   string DANameServers[],
  [in]   boolean DAIPsecRequired,
  [in]   string DAIPsecEncryptionType,
  [in]   string DAProxyServerName,
  [in]   boolean DnsSecEnable,
  [in]   boolean DnsSecIPsecRequired,
  [in]   string DnsSecIPsecEncryptionType,
  [in]   string NameServers[],
  [in]   string NameEncoding,
  [in]   string Namespace[],
  [in]   string Server,
  [in]   string DAProxyType,
  [in]   boolean DnsSecValidationRequired,
  [in]   boolean DAEnable,
  [in]   string IPsecTrustAuthority,
  [in]   string Comment,
  [in]   string DisplayName,
  [in]   boolean PassThru,
  [out]  string cmdletOutput


GpoName [in]

Name of GPO, if not specified the default GPO on the domain.

DANameServers [in]

The DNS servers which will be queried when Direct Access is enabled.

DAIPsecRequired [in]

Property for controlling whether IPsec is required or not for DA.

DAIPsecEncryptionType [in]

Property for controlling IPsec encryption type for DA.

None (None)
Low (Low)
Medium (Medium)
High (High )
DAProxyServerName [in]

The proxy server to be used when connecting to the Internet.

DnsSecEnable [in]

Property which identifies if DNSSEC is enabled on the rule.

DnsSecIPsecRequired [in]

Property to tunnel DNS queries over IPsec channel.

DnsSecIPsecEncryptionType [in]

Property to control Ipsec tunnel encryption settings.

None (None)
Low (Low)
Medium (Medium)
High (High )
NameServers [in]

The DNS servers the DNS query is sent to when DA is disabled.

NameEncoding [in]

Encoding format for host names in the DNS query.

Namespace [in]

DNS namespace which can be a suffix/prefix/FQDN/subnet/any. In order to specify any, the value must be .(dot)

Server [in]

Server hosting the GPO.

DAProxyType [in]

The proxy server type to be used when connecting to Internet.

NoProxy (NoProxy)
UseDefault (UseDefault)
UseProxyName (UseProxyName )
DnsSecValidationRequired [in]

Property for controlling whether Dnssec validation is required or not.

DAEnable [in]

Property for controlling DirectAccess rules state.

IPsecTrustAuthority [in]

Certification authority to validate the IPsec channel.

Comment [in]

Stores admin notes.

DisplayName [in]

An optional friendly name for the Name Resolution Policy Table rule.

PassThru [in]

Specifies if result of the cmdlet should be displayed

cmdletOutput [out]

A DnsClientNrptRule object containing all the properties of DNS client NRPT rule.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012







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