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PowerShell.Create Method (InitialSessionState)

Initializes a new instance of the PowerShell class with an empty pipeline and an initial session state; a script or command must be added before invoking this instance. Introduced in Windows PowerShell 3.0.

Namespace: System.Management.Automation
Assembly: System.Management.Automation (in System.Management.Automation.dll)

Dim initialSessionState As InitialSessionState
Dim returnValue As PowerShell

returnValue = PowerShell.Create(initialSessionState)

static PowerShell^ Create (
	InitialSessionState^ initialSessionState
public static PowerShell Create (
	InitialSessionState initialSessionState
public static function Create (
	initialSessionState : InitialSessionState
) : PowerShell



The initial session state with which to create the runspace.

Return Value

A PowerShell object with an empty pipeline.

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.


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