IDedupBackupSupport::RestoreFiles method

Reconstructs a set of files from a backup store that contains the fully optimized version of the files (reparse points) and the Data Deduplication store.

Applications that call the RestoreFiles method must also implement the IDedupReadFileCallback interface. Before calling the RestoreFiles method, the application must have previously restored the Data Deduplication reparse points for the files to the location specified by the FileFullPaths parameter. Metadata located in the reparse points will be utilized by Data Deduplication to further drive the restore process.

After calling this method, applications can expect to receive two calls to IDedupReadFileCallback::OrderContainersRestore (one for stream map containers and one for data containers) and two or more calls to IDedupReadFileCallback::ReadBackupFile. The application will also receive one call to IDedupReadFileCallback::PreviewContainerRead before each call to ReadBackupFile that is directed to a container file.


HRESULT RestoreFiles(
  [in]                          ULONG                  NumberOfFiles,
  [in, size_is(NumberOfFiles)]  BSTR                   *FileFullPaths,
  [in]                          IDedupReadFileCallback *Store,
  [in]                          DWORD                  Flags,
  [out, size_is(NumberOfFiles)] HRESULT                *FileResults


NumberOfFiles [in]

The number of files to restore. If this exceeds 10,000 then the method will fail with E_INVALIDARG (0x80070057).

FileFullPaths [in]

For each file, this parameter contains the full path from the root directory of the volume to the reparse point previously restored by the application.

Store [in]

IDedupReadFileCallback interface pointer for the backup store. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.

Flags [in]

This parameter must be DEDUP_RECONSTRUCT_UNOPTIMIZED on input. For more information, see the DEDUP_BACKUP_SUPPORT_PARAM_TYPE enumeration.

FileResults [out]

For each file, this parameter contains the results of the restore operation for that file. This parameter is optional and can be NULL if the application doesn't need to know the results for each individual file.

S_OK (0x00000000L)

The file was restored successfully.

S_FALSE (0x00000001L)

The specified file is not a deduplicated file.

DDP_E_FILE_CORRUPT (0x80565355L)

Data deduplication encountered a file corruption error.


Data deduplication encountered a file system corruption error.


The data is not valid.


The operation completed with some errors. Check the event logs for more details.

Windows Server 2012:  This value is not supported before Windows Server 2012 R2.

DDP_E_NOT_FOUND (0x80565301L)

The requested object was not found.

DDP_E_PATH_NOT_FOUND (0x80565304L)

A specified container path was not found in the backup store.


Data deduplication encountered an unexpected error. Check the Data Deduplication Operational event log for more information.


The specified volume is not enabled for deduplication.


The specified volume type is not supported. Deduplication is supported on fixed, write-enabled NTFS data volumes.

Windows Server 2012:  This value is not supported before Windows Server 2012 R2.

Return value

This method can return standard HRESULT values, such as S_OK. It can also return converted system error codes using the HRESULT_FROM_WIN32 macro. You can test for success or failure HRESULT values by using the SUCCEEDED and FAILED macros defined in Winerror.h. Possible return values include the following.

If no file was restored successfully, the result is the first file error encountered. This will be one of the "DDP_E_XXX" error codes above.



All files were restored successfully.



None of the specified files are deduplicated files.



An input parameter is NULL or otherwise not valid.



Some deduplicated files were restored successfully, but not all.


The Store parameter is required because the restore engine (implemented by Data Deduplication) can read data from the backup media only by calling the IDedupReadFileCallback::ReadBackupFile method.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012






CLSID_DedupBackupSupport is defined as 73D6B2AD-2984-4715-B2E3-924C149744DD

IID_IDedupBackupSupport is defined as C719D963-2B2D-415E-ACF7-7EB7CA596FF4

LIBID_DedupBackup is defined as 07AD57AF-6171-455B-B500-FEB99A6F4CF4

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