Updated: October 20, 2013

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

This action collates and summarizes events that are relevant to boot when you use the On/Off Trace Capture tool.

bootprefetch [-summary | -events [-pattern [-type name]] [-range T1 T2] | disktime]

Shows the output in XML format. This currently works only with -summary.

Shows the summary of boot prefetching.

Dumps ReadyBoot events with earliness information.

Used only in conjunction with -events. When dumping events, also dumps overlapping events.

-type name
Used only in conjunction with -pattern. Dumps only the specified type of events when dumping events in pattern view. name is one of the following values: "hit", "prefetch", "miss", "pend", or "write".

-range T1 T2
Used only in conjunction with -events. Process ReadyBoot events completed between times T1 and T2.

Shows the disk time breakdown during boot prefetching.

If no report type is selected, the default is to show the summary.