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SQLCleanupConnectionPoolID Function


Version Introduced: ODBC 3.81 Standards Compliance: ODBC


SQLCleanupConnectionPoolID informs a driver that a pool ID was timed out. A pool ID can timeout whenever all connections in a pool associated with that pool ID were timed out. See Pooling in the Microsoft Data Access Components for more information about connection timeout.

SQLRETURN  SQLCleanupConnectionPoolID (
                SQLHENV    EnvironmentHandle
                SQLPOOLID  PoolID );


[Input] The environment handle of the pool.


[Input] The pool associated to the pool ID that was timed out.


The Driver Manager will not process diagnostic information returned from SQLCleanupConnectionPoolID.

An application cannot receive the error message returned by the driver.

SQLCleanupConnectionPoolID can be called at any time, but the Driver Manager guarantees that no other thread is simultaneously calling SQLGetPoolID and no other thread is simultaneously calling SQLRateConnection and SQLPoolConnect with a connection info token assigned with that pool ID. Therefore, the driver must make sure this function is thread safe.

A driver can clean up the resources associated with the pool ID.

Applications should not call this function directly. An ODBC driver that supports driver-aware connection pooling must implement this function.

Include sqlspi.h for ODBC driver development.

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