How to Use Groups in a List-View

How to Use Groups in a List-View

This topic describes how to create an instance of a group and add it to a list-view control. Grouping allows a user to arrange lists into groups of items that are visually divided on the page, using a horizontal divider and a group title.

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  • Windows User Interface Programming


To use groups in a list-view control, ensure that the control includes the LVS_ALIGNTOP window style.

When you add an item to the list, you assign it to a group by setting the iGroupId member of the item's LVITEM structure to the value of the iGroupId member of the groups's LVGROUP structure. An item that is not assigned to a group does not appear in the list when group view is enabled. To enable or disable group view, use the ListView_EnableGroupView macro.

The following example shows how to create a group with a header and add it to a list-view control.

    LVGROUP group;

    group.cbSize    = sizeof(LVGROUP);
    group.mask      = LVGF_HEADER | LVGF_GROUPID;
    group.pszHeader = TEXT("Dogs");
    group.iGroupId  = 1;

    ListView_InsertGroup(hWndListView, -1, &group);

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