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CustomEntries Element for CustomControl for View (Format)

Provides the definitions of the custom control view. The custom control view must specify one or more definitions.


The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the CustomControlEntries element. You must specify one or more child elements.



Child Elements


Element Description

CustomEntry Element for CustomEntries for CustomControl for View (Format)

Required element.

Provides a definition of the custom control view.

Parent Elements


Element Description

CustomControl Element for View (Format)

Required element.

Defines a custom control format for the view.

In most cases, a control has only one definition, which is defined in a single CustomEntry element. However it is possible to have multiple definitions if you want to use the same control to display different .NET Framework objects. In those cases, you can define a CustomEntry element for each object or set of objects.

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