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Name Element for SelectionSet (Format)

Specifies the name used to reference the selection set.

<Name>Name of selection set</Name>

The following sections describe the attributes, child elements, and parent element of the Name Element.



Child Elements


Parent Elements


Element Description

SelectionSet Element (Format)

Defines a single set of .NET Framework objects that can be referenced by the name of the set.

Specify the name to reference the selection set. There are no restrictions as to what characters can be used.

The name specified here is used in the SelectionSetName element. The selection set that can be used by a view, by a definition of a view (views can have multiple definitions), or when specifying a selection condition. For more information about selection sets, see Defining Selection Sets.

This example shows a SelectionSet element that defines four .NET Framework types. The name of the selection set is "FileSystemTypes".


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