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FormatString Element for WideItem for WideControl (Format)


Specifies a format pattern that defines how the property or script value is displayed in the view.


Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe the attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the FormatString element.



Child Elements


Parent Elements



WideItem Element for WideControl (Format)

Defines the property or script whose value is displayed in a row of the list view.

Text Value

Specify the pattern that is used to format the data. For example, you can use this pattern to format the value of any property that is of type TimeSpan: {0:MMM}{0:dd}{0:HH}:{0:mm}.

Format strings can be used when creating table views, list views, wide views, or custom views. For more information about formatting a value displayed in a view, see Formatting Displayed Data.

For more information about using format strings in wide views, see Creating a Wide View.


The following example shows how to define a formatting string for the value of the StartTime property.

  <FormatString>{0:MMM} (0:DD) (0:HH):(0:MM)</FormatString>