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Appendix 2: Test Script Scenarios

ScenarioDescriptionTest Case StepsPassFail Example Sites
NavigateStandard navigation. Any type of event that takes you from one place to another.Click links. Site redirections.Clicking a link takes you to the desired location. The link does not work. Possible cause: The link is not correctly encoded or decoded.Every webpage
SearchUse a search engine to locate information.Search for a topic.You are returned with a relevant list of sites based on your search criteria.Search results are not correct. Special characters (like double quotes "") are not handled,,
ReadingText that appears on a webpage.Read the text on the webpage.Text should be readable.Fonts not properly rendered. Layout appears poor.Every webpage
WebMailUse web-based mail applications, including all mail functions, such as editing, spell checking, sending, and receiving mail. This test can also include calendars and managing contact lists.Compose and send an email to yourself.Data that you enter is received in the same way that it is sent. Many web mail applications use controls extensively, and these need to continue to work.The returned email is poorly composed, and links, buttons, and controls do not work.,,
RSSXML information that the RSS Feed Discovery function is designed to tie into.Make sure that RSS Feed Discovery activates.Feed Discovery works, and XML data correlates to the topic that you click.Feed Discovery,
ShoppingSites that sell products, including a way to view products and the shopping cart, it might have SSL.View a product, add an item to cart, check out, and remove the item from the cart.The cart should accurately reflect what you add and remove. SSL should be enabled when personally identifiable information (PII) is asked for.Items do not load in the cart. SSL does not load when PII is asked,,
Banking/ Finance (PII)Not limited to banks. This scenario involves sites that are secure and contain PII.Enter a user name and password to access information.The site should use SSL, and ensure that you are properly prompted when you are taken away from a secure site.SSL does not load when PII is asked,
StreamingDigital media that is displayed at "real time" on a website, including (but not limited to) music, video, and text.Click a link.Media plays back. Any audio and video is clean and not garbled.Media does not play. Quality is poor. Excessive,,,
DownloadCopying data from a web server to another location (typically your local computer), including documents, executable files, or images. Think of various server connections that are available to host data (for example, http://, ftp://, unc://, and file://). Click a link.The file successfully downloads. You can verify the file exists in the specified directory.The file does not download. The file is,
GamesAny web-based games. Some are Flash-based, some are Java-based, and some are ActiveX controls. There are many languages that can create games.Play a game (for a few seconds).The game should play. Video and sound are not garbled. Keyboard and mouse movements work properly within the game.The game does not play. Mouse and keyboard movements do not fully, (crossword),
Active Document HostingRead a document inside of Internet Explorer.Click a link.The file opens. Standard buttons, menu items, and so on change appropriately according to the environment.Menus do not reload appropriately if you switch back and forth between Internet Explorer and the hosted application.IE\IE6\Compatibility\Site Compatibility\Active Document Hosting
Web-based applicationUse an application that is hosted on the web.Click a link.The application loads. Keyboard and mouse movements should work properly. Web-based applications typically generate or return something specific. Make sure it does the right thing.The application fails to load.,
Message boards and blogsRead and post topics and discussions.Create a new topic, post a response to a topic, and edit a topic.The webpage loads, text appears correctly, and there are no problems posting data.There are layout issues and script errors when you try to post, or your post disappears when you are posting.,,


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