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Error Codes (Setup API)

The following error codes are specific to the Setup API.

INF Parsing ErrorsDescription
ERROR_EXPECTED_SECTION_NAMEA section name was expected and not found.
ERROR_BAD_SECTION_NAME_LINEThe section name was not of the correct format. (For example, a name not terminated by a right-hand bracket ( ] ).
ERROR_SECTION_NAME_TOO_LONGThe section name exceeded the maximum length of MAX_SECT_NAME_LEN.
ERROR_GENERAL_SYNTAXThe general syntax is incorrect.


INF Runtime ErrorsDescription
ERROR_WRONG_INF_STYLEThe INF file is not of the type specified in the function call. For example, this error may be returned by the SetupOpenAppendInfFile function if the INF file was intended for an early version of Windows.
ERROR_SECTION_NOT_FOUNDThe section was not found in the INF file.
ERROR_LINE_NOT_FOUNDThe line was not found in the INF section.