Preventing Unwanted NULL Pixel Shader SRVs

Direct3D 11 applications that run on Direct3D 9 graphics hardware could inadvertently cause the driver to receive NULL shader-resource views (SRVs) even when the applications bind non-NULL SRVs to the pixel shader stage. This situation can occur only if the applications destroy SRVs while they execute. This topic discusses how to work around the driver receiving NULL shader-resource views (SRVs) even when non-NULL SRVs are bound to the pixel shader stage.

To prevent the driver from receiving unwanted NULL SRVs, the applications must call ID3D11DeviceContext::PSSetShaderResources to unset all SRVs before each call to ID3D11DeviceContext::PSSetShader. However, if the applications do not destroy SRVs until the end of their code execution, they do not need to unset the SRVs.

The 10Level9 Reference section lists the differences between how various ID3D11Device and ID3D11DeviceContext methods behave at various 10Level9 feature levels.

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