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Shader Enumerations

The following enumerations are used to specify information about shaders.

D3D11_CBUFFER_TYPE Identifies constant-buffer data types.
D3D_PARAMETER_FLAGS Indicates semantic flags for function parameters.
D3D11_RESOURCE_RETURN_TYPE Indicates return value type.
D3D11_SHADER_TYPE Identifies a shader type for tracing.
D3D11_SHADER_VERSION_TYPE Indicates shader version type.
D3D11_TESSELLATOR_DOMAIN Identifies the domain for tessellator data.
D3D11_TESSELLATOR_PARTITIONING Identifies the partitioning scheme.
D3D11_TESSELLATOR_OUTPUT_PRIMITIVE Identifies the output primitive type for tessellator data.
D3D11_TRACE_GS_INPUT_PRIMITIVE Identifies the type of geometry shader input primitive.
D3D11_TRACE_REGISTER_TYPE Identifies a type of trace register.


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