Shader Interfaces

Shader Interfaces

This section contains information about the following shader interfaces:

Each of these shader interfaces manages a compiled shader. The interface is created when a shader is compiled, and is then passed to various APIs that need access to a compiled shader; such as when binding a shader to a pipeline stage or getting a shader signature.

Pipeline-Stage InterfacesDescription
ID3D11ClassInstance Encapsulates an HLSL class.
ID3D11ClassLinkage Encapsulates an HLSL dynamic linkage.
ID3D11ComputeShader Manages an executable program (a compute shader) that controls the compute-shader stage.
ID3D11DomainShader A domain shader evaluates a control point at a corresponding uv coordinate to find a vertex position on a surface, it is the third stage of three that implements tessellation.
ID3D11FunctionLinkingGraph Makes shaders that consist of a sequence of precompiled function calls that pass values to each other.
ID3D11FunctionReflection Accesses function info.
ID3D11FunctionParameterReflection Accesses function-parameter info.
ID3D11GeometryShader A geometry shader implements per-primitive processing in the geometry-shader stage.
ID3D11HullShader A hull shader transforms a high-order surface into a patch approximation, it is the first stage of three that implements tessellation.
ID3D11LibraryReflection Accesses library info.
ID3D11Linker Links a shader module.
ID3D11LinkingNode Used for shader linking.
ID3D11Module Creates an instance of a module that is used for resource re-binding.
ID3D11ModuleInstance Used for resource re-binding.
ID3D11PixelShader A pixel-shader implements per-pixel processing in the pixel-shader stage.
ID3D11ShaderReflection Interface A COM interface for reading information from a compiled shader at author time.
ID3D11ShaderReflectionConstantBuffer A helper interface for getting a shader-reflection constant-buffer interface.
ID3D11ShaderReflectionType A helper interface for getting a shader-reflection-type interface.
ID3D11ShaderReflectionVariable A helper interface for getting a shader-reflection-variable interface.
ID3D11ShaderTrace A helper interface for obtaining traces of shader executions.
ID3D11ShaderTraceFactory A helper interface for generating shader trace information objects.
ID3D11VertexShader A vertex-shader implements per-vertex processing in the vertex-shader stage.


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