Peer Distribution API Functions

The Microsoft Peer Distribution service supports functions for both consumer role and publisher role scenarios.

The following functions are common in both "client" and "server" scenarios.

Common Functions Description
PeerDistStartup Creates a new PEERDIST_INSTANCE_HANDLE instance which must be passed to all other Peer Distribution APIs.
PeerDistShutdown Releases resources allocated by the call to PeerDistStartup.
PeerDistGetStatus Returns the current status of Peer Distribution service.
PeerDistGetStatusEx Returns the current status and capabilities of the Peer Distribution service.
PeerDistGetOverlappedResult Retrieves the results of asynchronous operations.
PeerDistRegisterForStatusChangeNotification Requests that the Peer Distribution service notify the caller when a status change occurs.
PeerDistRegisterForStatusChangeNotificationEx Requests that the Peer Distribution service notify the caller when a status change occurs.
PeerDistUnregisterForStatusChangeNotification Deregisters the status change notification for the session associated with the supplied handle.


The following functions are only supported in "client" scenarios.

Client FunctionsDescription
PeerDistClientOpenContent Opens and returns a PEERDIST_CONTENT_HANDLE to reference that content.
PeerDistClientCloseContent Closes the PEERDIST_CONTENT_HANDLE.
PeerDistClientGetInformationByHandle Retrieves additional information from the Peer Distribution service for a specific content handle.
PeerDistClientAddContentInformation Adds content information which is then associated with the PEERDIST_CONTENT_HANDLE. A PEERDIST_CONTENT_HANDLE can be associated with any content information.
PeerDistClientCompleteContentInformation Indicates the end of the content information.
PeerDistClientAddData Used to supply content to the local cache. Typically this is done when data could not be found on the local network as indicated when either PeerDistClientBlockRead or PeerDistClientStreamRead complete with ERROR_TIMEOUT or PEERDIST_ERROR_MISSING_DATA..
PeerDistClientBlockRead Provides random access to the content stream.
PeerDistClientStreamRead Provides sequential access to the content stream.
PeerDistClientFlushContent Removes content that has been previously added to the local Peer Distribution system.
PeerDistClientCancelAsyncOperation Cancels asynchronous operation associated with an OVERLAPPED structure and the content handle returned by PeerDistClientOpenContent.


The following functions are only supported in "server" scenarios.

Server FunctionsDescription
PeerDistServerPublishStream Creates the PEERDIST_STREAM_HANDLE which can be used with PeerDistServerPublishAddToStream to create content information for the content stream.
PeerDistServerPublishAddToStream Adds data to the stream referenced by the PeerDist stream handle.
PeerDistServerPublishCompleteStream Called to indicate that all data has been added to the stream.
PeerDistServerCloseStreamHandle Closes the stream handle.
PeerDistServerUnpublish Unpublishes previously published content in the Peer Distribution service.
PeerDistServerOpenContentInformation Opens a PEERDIST_CONTENTINFO_HANDLE for published content.
PeerDistServerOpenContentInformationEx Opens a PEERDIST_CONTENTINFO_HANDLE for published content.
PeerDistServerRetrieveContentInformation Retrieves the content information associated with published content.
PeerDistServerCloseContentInformation PEERDIST_CONTENTINFO_HANDLE opened by PeerDistServerOpenContentInformation.
PeerDistServerCancelAsyncOperation Cancels the asynchronous operation associated with the content identifier and OVERLAPPED structure.




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