Appendix R: SDL-Agile One-Time Requirements

TitleRequirement/RecommendationApplies to Online ServicesApplies to Managed CodeApplies to Native Code
Avoid writable PE segmentsRequirementXX
Create a baseline threat modelRequirementXXX
Determine security response standardsRequirementXXX
Do not use Visual Basic 6 to build productsRequirementXXX
Establish a security response planRequirementXXX
Identify primary security and privacy contactsRequirementXXX
Identify your team's privacy expertRequirementXXX
Identify your team's security expertRequirementXXX
Threat model your product, its attack surface, and its new featuresRequirementXXX
Use approved XML parsersRequirementXX
Use latest compiler versionsRequirementXXX
Use minimum code generation suite and librariesRequirementXX
Configure bug tracking to track the cause and effect of security bugsRecommendationXXX
Designate full-time security program managerRecommendationXXX
Remove dependencies on NTLM authenticationRecommendationXXX

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