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Runspace11 Sample

This sample shows how to use the ProxyCommand class to create a proxy command that calls an existing cmdlet, but restricts the set of available parameters. The proxy command is then added to an initial session state that is used to create a constrained runspace. This means that the user can access the functionality of the cmdlet only through the proxy command.


This sample requires Windows PowerShell 2.0.


This sample demonstrates the following.

  • Creating a CommandMetadata object that describes the metadata of an existing cmdlet.

  • Creating an InitialSessionState object.

  • Modifying the cmdlet metadata to remove a parameter of the cmdlet.

  • Adding the cmdlet to the InitialSessionState object and making the cmdlet private.

  • Creating a proxy function that calls the existing cmdlet, but exposes only a restricted set of parameters.

  • Adding the proxy function to the initial session state.

  • Creating a PowerShell object that uses the Runspace object.

  • Calling the private cmdlet and the proxy function using a PowerShell object to demonstrate the constrained runspace.


This creates a proxy command for a private cmdlet to demonstrate a constrained runspace.

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