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Windows PowerShell API Samples


This section includes sample code that shows how to create runspaces that restrict functionality, and how to asynchronously run commands by using a runspace pool to supply the runspaces. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio to create a console application and then copy the code from the topics in this section into your host application.

In This Section

PowerShell01 Sample

This sample shows how to use an InitialSessionState object to limit the functionality of a runspace. The output of this sample demonstrates how to restrict the language mode of the runspace, how to mark a cmdlet as private, how to add and remove cmdlets and providers, how to add a proxy command, and more.

PowerShell02 Sample

This sample shows how to run commands asynchronously by using the runspaces of a runspace pool. The sample generates a list of commands, and then runs those commands while the Windows PowerShell engine opens a runspace from the pool when it is needed.