Pager_SetScrollInfo macro

[Intended for internal use; not recommended for use in applications. This macro may not be supported in future versions of Windows.]

Sets the scrolling parameters of the pager control, including the timeout value, the lines per timeout, and the pixels per line. You can use this macro or send the PGM_SETSETSCROLLINFO message explicitly.


int Pager_SetScrollInfo(
   HWND hwndPager,
   UINT cTimeOut,
   UINT cLinesPer,
   UINT cPixelsPerLine



Type: HWND

Handle to the pager control.


Type: UINT

The timeout value for the scroll, in milliseconds.


Type: UINT

The number of lines to scroll per timeout.


Type: UINT

The number of pixels per line.

Return value

The return value is not used.

Security Considerations

Using this macro might compromise the security of your program.


This cTimeOut parameter controls the rate at which the pager control generates scrolling events when the control has captured the mouse input and the left mouse button is pressed. Smaller values result in faster scrolling; larger values result in slower scrolling. The default value is one-eighth of the double-click time. For more information, see GetDoubleClickTime.

By default, with each scrolling event the pager control scrolls an amount equal to the entire width or height of the control, depending on whether the pager control has a horizontal or vertical orientation. The cLinesPer and cPixelsPerLine parameters are used to override the default scrolling amount. If nonzero values are provided, the scrolling amount is the product of the two values (cLinesPer * cPixelsPerLine).


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]



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