System Configuration and Servicing

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Boot Configuration Data WMI Provider

The Boot Configuration Data (BCD) Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider provides programmatic access to BCD stores, which describe boot applications and boot application settings.

System Shutdown

The system shutdown functions and messages allow applications to log off the current user, shut down the system, or lock the workstation.

System Restore

System Restore automatically monitors and records key system changes on a user's computer. It is designed to reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction by enabling a user to undo a change that may have caused a problem with the system, or revert to a day when the system was performing optimally.

Windows Deployment Services

Windows Deployment Services (WDS) is the revised version of Remote Installation Services (RIS). WDS enables the deployment of Windows operating systems. You can use WDS to set up new clients with a network-based installation without requiring that administrators visit each computer or install directly from CD or DVD media.

Windows Resource Protection

Windows Resource Protection (WRP) prevents the replacement of essential system files, folders, and registry keys that are installed as part of the operating system.