The topics in this section describe applications running outside of Windows Media Center.

Browsing to a Specific PageDescribes how third-party applications can browse to specific pages in the Windows Media Center UI.
Using Remote Control Input Outside of Windows Media CenterDescribes how applications outside of Windows Media Center can use the Windows Media Center remote control.
Handling the Play and Pause CommandsDescribes how applications outside of Windows Media Center can handle commands from the Play and Pause buttons on the remote control in combination with Play/Pause commands from the keyboard.
Allowing Applications to Handle AutoPlay EventsDescribes the AutoPlay feature, which automatically starts playing removable media content when the user inserts it or attaches it to the computer, and how to register third-party applications to respond to the AutoPlay events.
CD and DVD Content BurningDescribes how to create Windows Media Center applications that provide CD and DVD recording capabilities to exchange file and disc information with Windows Media Center, and to retrieve lists of user-selected files for recording onto a CD or DVD.

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