XAudio2 Debugging Facilities

The debug version of the XAudio2 engine validates parameters, and provides detailed warning and error messages.

Setting the Debug Logging Level at Run Time

You can set the level of debugging information shown by XAudio2 at any time by filling out an XAUDIO2_DEBUG_CONFIGURATION structure with the flags for the desired logging level, and then pass the structure to the IXAudio2::SetDebugConfiguration method. Values passed to the IXAudio2::SetDebugConfiguration method always override any default values that were set in the Windows registry.

Debug Support

The debugging facilities are always availlabe for XAUDIO2 in Windows 8.

For the DirectX SDK versions of XAUDIO2, you must use XAUDIO2_DEBUG_ENGINE when creating the XAUDIO2 object with XAudio2Create and the system must have the DirectX SDK Developer Runtime installed for debugging to be supported.

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