Programming Guide

This section lists the overview topics for the XAudio2 application programming interface (API).

In This Section


XAudio2 Introduction

Introduces key XAudio2 concepts.

Common Audio Concepts

Provides an overview of common audio concepts with which an audio developer should be familiar.

Getting Started

Describes setting up XAudio2 in game.


Describes the types of XAudio2 voices, and how to use them.


Provides details about the callbacks available for use with XAudio2.

Audio Graph

Describes the XAudio2 audio graph.

Audio Effects

Describes using digital signal processing effects with XAudio2.

Streaming Audio Data

Describes how to stream a sound from disk using XAudio2.

X3DAudio Overview

Describes how X3DAudio is used in conjunction with XAudio2 to create the illusion of a sound coming from a point in 3D space.

XAudio2 Operation Sets

Describes XAudio2 operation sets, and outlines some specific usage scenarios.

Debugging Facilities

Describes the XAudio2 debugging facilities.

ADPCM Overview

Describes the Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) compression format.


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