DirectXMath Programming Reference

This section contains reference material for the DirectXMath Library.

In this section


DirectXMath Library Compiler Directives

Compiler directives tune the functionality that the DirectXMath library uses.

DirectXMath Library Constants

The following constants are provided by the DirectXMath Library.

DirectXMath Library Functions

Contains information about the DirectXMath functions.

DirectXMath Library Macros

Lists macros provided by DirectXMath.

DirectXMath Library Structures

Describes the DirectXMath Library types and structures.

DirectXMath Library Classes

This section contains information about classes provided by the Microsoft DirectXMath API.

DirectXMath Enumerations

This section contains information about the DirectXMath enumerations.

DirectXMath Library Types

The DirectXMath Library provides a number of structures and defined types to encapsulate data to support ease of use, optimization, and portability.


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