Sensor API Glossary

ambient light sensor

A sensor that detects the current lighting level.

geodetic reference system

The combination of an ellipsoid, which specifies the size and shape of the earth, and a base point from which the latitude and longitude of all other points are referenced.

light-aware user interface (UI)

A program that uses ambient light sensor data to optimize its user interface and content for particular lighting conditions.

logical ID

A globally unique identifier (GUID) that identifies a particular logical sensor. A logical ID is required each time you connect to a logical sensor.

logical sensor

A sensor that provides data without using a hardware device. For example, a logical sensor could provide data about the user's current location by using a service that looks up an IP address in a table.

lux value

The amount of light, in lumens per square meter, that illuminates a surface. Ambient light sensors provide data in lux values.

reference ellipsoid

An ellipsoid associated with a geodetic reference system, whose surface approximates the size and shape of the earth.


Hardware or software that can detect external events or environmental conditions. For example, a global positioning system (GPS) receiver is a sensor that can determine a user's current physical location.

sensor category

A broad class of sensor devices. For example, a sensor in a video game controller that detects the position and movement of a player's hand belongs to the Orientation category of sensors.

sensor collection

Multiple sensors that can be worked with as a group. For example, a sensor collection could include all available motion sensors, and a method could be called that retrieves this collection.

sensor data report

A report that contains data field values that are generated by a sensor.

sensor device

A hardware device that can detect external events or environmental conditions. A single hardware device can contain multiple sensors.

sensor manager

A programming object that maintains a list of available sensors and provides access to them.

sensor type

A specific kind of sensor, such as a three-dimensional accelerometer.



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