XPS Documents Glossary
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XPS Documents Glossary

advance width

The distance from the origin of one glyph to the origin of the next glyph.

bidi level

See definition for: bidirectional text level.

bidi text level

See definition for: bidirectional text level.

bidirectional nesting level

See definition for: bidirectional text level.

bidirectional text level

The value that specifies the current text direction.

bleed box

The area that includes crop marks and extends outside the physical page.

color channel

One of several independent colors that are combined to define a final color value.

color interpolation

The conversion of a color value that is defined in one color system for use in another color system.

deep copy

The operation that copies not only the object but also all of the contents that are referenced by the object.

device font

A font that is supported directly on a device (such as a printer).


The algorithm that is used to compute a digital signature.


Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the condition where something has changed in memory but the change has not been saved to a more permanent storage device such as a disk.

discardable resource parts

Package parts that are listed in the DiscardControl part. Per XML Paper Specification, in an XPS document the DiscardControl part contains a list of resources that can be discarded in a resource-constrained environment.

escape sequence

A sequence of printable characters that are used to replace an unprintable or reserved character in a string.

escaped name

A text string where each reserved or unprintable character has been replaced by a sequence of characters called an escape sequence.

escaped string

A string where special and non-printable characters have been replaced with escape sequence strings.

fixed document

The XPS document part that describes the sequence of FixedPage parts.

fixed document sequence

The XPS document part that describes the sequence of FixedDocument parts.

fixed page

The XPS document part that describes the content of a page in a fixed document.

font collection

A collection of font resources in an XPS document.

font embedding

The process of including font resources in a document.

font entry

For font resources that contain multiple fonts, this is the index of an individual font.

font resource

The resource in an XPS document that contains the font information.

glyph run

A continuous run of characters that share a common format.

gradient path

In a linear gradient, the line that is perpendicular to the change in color from one gradient point to another. In a radial gradient, a line between the gradient origin and the ellipse that bounds the gradient region.

gradient region

Inside a geometry, the area in which the gradient is defined.

gradient stop

A specific color that is defined for a location within the gradient region. Gradient stops are used to define the color at specific locations along the gradient path.

image brush

A brush that uses an image to fill an area or shape.

image resource

A document resource that contains an image that is used in a document.

incomplete signature

A signature that is invalid because it is missing a required component.

incompliant signature

A signature that is invalid because it is not constructed properly.

in-memory document

A group of XPS document components that have been created or modified in memory but have not been saved to a permanent storage medium such as a disk.

language tag string

A string that identifies a specific language.

obfuscating a font

Making the font name and resource contents more difficult to extract and copy.

part interleaving

In an XPS document, the process of breaking down document parts into smaller physical components that provide more efficient data transfer in some usage scenarios.


A single two-dimensional shape that is made up of one or more line segments.

print ticket

An object that contains information about how to format document content for printing or viewing.


A structured description, formatted as XML data, of the features supported by a printer.


A structured description of the printer features and settings that are used for printing a document or a portion of a document, such as a page. PrintTicket objects can be stored as document parts or memory streams.

PrintTicket part

An XPS document part that contains a print ticket.

segment data array

An array of data values that describes the segments in a path.

segment types array

An array of data values that describes the segment types that are listed in a segment data array.

signature intent string

The text string that describes the implications of signing a document.

signature method

The algorithm that is used to compute the hash value of a digital signature.

signature request

A request to sign an XPS document.

signing spot

The location on a page where a signature request block is to be displayed.

spread area

In a geometry that contains a gradient, the area inside the geometry that lies outside the gradient region.

unescaped name

A name expressed as a text string in which unprintable and reserved characters (such as space and tab) have not been replaced by escape sequences.

XPS document

An OPC package that conforms to the XML paper specification. An XPS document can be stored as a file or a memory stream.

XPS Object Model

The rules that guide the relationships between the XPS document objects that describe the contents of an XPS document.

XPS object model document tree

The hierarchical relationship of the objects in the XPS document API.


The programming objects whose relationships are defined by the XPS Object Model.

XPS package

An XPS document that is saved to a file as an OPC package that complies with the XML Paper Specification.


A printer driver or a printer driver component that supports the XPS print path that was introduced in Windows Vista.



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