ITfFnGetLinguisticAlternates interface

The ITfFnGetLinguisticAlternates interface is implemented by a text service and/or by the TSF manager to provide linguistic alternates for the text within a given range passed as a parameter.

Apps can use this interface to obtain IME alternates for a text range; therefore the interface ITfFnGetLinguisticAlternates, along with ITfFnSearchCandidateProvider, provides a TSF-based replacement for the ImmGetConversionList function. Typically IMEs implement either ITfFnGetLinguisticAlternates or ITfFnSearchCandidateProvider (or neither).

An app obtains a pointer to this interface by calling TSF manager ITfFunctionProvider::GetFunction method with IID_ITfFnGetLinguisticAlternates.

Note  This interface may not be supported for all IMEs. There may be differences in support between IMEs on the Desktop and IMEs in the new Windows UI on Windows 8.1. Some IMEs instead implement the related interface ITfFnSearchCandidateProvider that can be used as a substitute for this API. Suggested app usage is to check for this interface first, and if it's not available then check if ITfFnSearchCandidateProvider is supported instead. IMEs that wish to maintain compatibility with Windows 8 should implement ITfFnSearchCandidateProvider instead.


The ITfFnGetLinguisticAlternates interface inherits from ITfFunction. ITfFnGetLinguisticAlternates also has these types of members:


The ITfFnGetLinguisticAlternates interface has these methods.


Returns a list of alternate strings for a given text range.



Minimum supported client

Windows 8.1 [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 R2 [desktop apps only]





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