Using the desktop developer dashboard

To submit your desktop apps to the Windows Store, you use the desktop developer dashboard.

To get to the developer dashboard:

  1. Go to the Desktop area of the Windows Dev Center.
  2. Click Dashboard in the navigation bar in the upper-left area of the page.

On the developer dashboard, there's a section for Certified apps.

Certified apps section of desktop developer dashboard.

This section displays all your desktop apps that have passed the Windows App Certification Kit. Click Submit for the app you’d like to submit to the Windows Store. If your app isn't in this list, it can't be submitted to the Windows Store.

In the preceding screen shot, note that Contoso File Wizard is already listed in the Windows Store. You can choose to submit the Windows 8.1 version of Contoso. Then you'll have the option of either adding this app as a new app in the Windows Store or associating it with the app listing that is already complete.

After you click Submit, you'll see a list of steps for listing your app in the Windows Store.

begin app submission

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